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Your first car and what your driving now


My first (and current) car is a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 SXi 3 door

Not my actual car because I don't have any pics, just another one exactly the same. Got it for £3300, nice looking hatch, wish it had a little more acceleration!


it has a 1.6 liter can't expect that much acceleration out of it lol. Not a bad first car though.


1.6 petrol is usually quite a lot for a hatchback, but this car is slower than a few 1.2s on the market! It does 0 to 60 in 11 seconds which I think is a bit poor for a 1.6. Most new drivers buy a 1.2 or a 1.4 to save on insurance, but it all comes down to hp and safety of the car really


I guess. My mom's hatchback has a 2.4 liter, and its probably a bit faster than my truck.


I was tempted to buy a Seat Ibiza 1.4, they look really nice but unfortunately all the second hand ones I went to look at were a bit too boy racer for my liking! I don't want to look like a chav speeding around with tinted windows, modded exhausts and black alloys!


Haha you Americans are just so used to driving pickups with massive engines I'm pretty sure anything below 2 litres to you is pathetic :o

I went to the United States once, was amazed when I saw all the jacked up pickups on the road and wondered why the hell they all needed such big gas guzzling cars just to go to work or town. Especially because Americans tend to drive quite slowly. My American uncle struggled for an answer haha. I guess it's just the culture along with cheap fuel.



In my area of rural Australia (Central Qld) a ute (pick-up) is an essential for me.


We are starting to see the American-style utes (pick-ups) like the Dodge Rams, Fords, and GMC's in Queensland. Often the owners are restricted to where they're able to park their imported utes (pick-ups) in town parking-spaces in shopping centres due the length of the vehicle.


My Toyota Landcruiser Ute pictured below will suffice me for a while yet, and it's practical, too (often I'm toting barbwire, chainsaws, etc)





Bloody hell, that really does look like my American uncle! :)


Oh I know, if you need a pickup for work, its the best machine ever invented. For work I use a Mitsibishi L200 pickup for carrying fencing equipment, rubbish to be dumped, cattle feed, just about anything than can fit in the back. Its just we would never use it for general commuting because its so costly on the road.

I didn't realise aussies had the American stuff like GMCs.


My first (own) car was Ford Escort 1.8 sedan. It died after like 5 years during which it took me to work everyday. It ended up in metal heaven, but i saved the engine, tranny and susspension for some later use as they were rebuild.

My second car was much more interesting (IMO)

Ford Probe 2,5 V6 1994

I spend almost a year working on it till it was finished to this stage, owned it for 4 years and then had to sell it. Fortunatelly we became friends with the new owner and he lets me do the maintenance and other service works on it. I really love that car.


Yeah man i hear ya. I can't wait to afford a nice truck.

#53 truck is a 4.3 liter V6, and I actually get about 18-19 miles to the gallon, and my moms car gets about 27-28 mpg. I actually use my truck though, towing trailers, and hauling stuff in the bed. On the other hand, those big jacked up trucks aren't really needed, they are just toys lol. 

Thankfully I actually have a small truck so I don't pay a lot of money out in gas since I drive about 70 miles daily for school, I only need to get gas every 8 or 9 days.


I get 8 mpg, 13.5 freeway unless i go 75 then its 7 mpg


those jeeps Cherokee's are bullet proof vehicle I don't think there's a better motor then the straight 6. My bro owns two of them one for play the other for work, he's thinking of getting another one also lol.






I really liked my ford probe also, it handled very well on windy roads. I had 270k miles on the original engine/trans and not a drop of oil underneath it. very rare for a car with that kind of millage. I still have some parts laying around. I've owned 3 of the them.


we have lumina as a lowner car at my work. its a pretty comfy car for what it is. I like driving it. I assume standard trans? switching over to full synthetic oil will make a huge difference my first car used to be a bitch to shift but after switching to synthetic that was not longer an issue.


I'm not sold on bmw's, I've pushed more then I have driven and out of the all the cars that get towed to our shop bmw takes the cake. gotta hand it to bmw though they sell there company very well


First and only is a 1972 Cutlass S that I am in the process of bringing it into a workable state (Sat in a garage for at least 10 years, then it was moved outside for 6 or so years. Damn rust...)

I drive a 1995 Cutlass when it is not in use.

Most current, decent picture: (The 72)


Nice Opel.

Accelerator respons is indeed a bit of an issue. But its probably an older styled 1.6 engine with 16V maybe 100HP?

Now days everything is about downsizing, little engines with turbo´s.