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Your first car and what your driving now


hmm okay, thats arround 1 litre on 8km, thats not even that bad with a big car like that, with patrol engine.

We had a Nissan Patrol for my horse trailer, it was a 2.8 liter straight 6 Turbo diesel intercooler, and it did arround 1 liter on 7 KM diesel, with my horse trailer on the back. lol, that was kinda terrible lol.

road taxes for diesel is crazy high uphere.


I get 11.7 miles per gallon on my Work Chevy 2500 HD


yeah, it probably has a V8, and its a bigger truck than what I have. My truck is actually pretty light, since its shorter than standard trucks, and it is only RWD, not 4WD, so it doesn't have the heavier drivetrain. I actually have to put weights in the bed to help with traction, otherwise I get really bad wheelspin (because it has no traction control). I also have manual windows, and the high beams don't come on, and my drive side door handle is broken, so I have to roll the window down and use the outside door handle to get out XD (I am fixing that soon, just haven't gotten around to it yet)


My first car was a silver 2000 VW Jetta and I'm currently driving a 2006 BMW 330ci (unfortunately, it's my Dad's).


what happened to the Jetta?


Yeah it is a 4x4 and I have a a bunch of equipment in the back.


Rusted away maybe? lolz


First car was a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 from a secondhand dealer for £550. Refunded after 3 weeks due to it being illegal for use on the road. Went to a main dealer and got a Seat Ibiza 1.4 second hand for £3.5k. Runs great, decent power for what I need and (when I'm driving sensibly) about 300 odd miles per tank. Just need to put a new cam belt in at some point, and stop revving to 6000rpm when accelerating...


First car was a matte black, lifted 1991 Toyota 4Runner. 9 mpg in summer 7 mpg in winter

Now I drive my dad's last truck, a victory red 2009 Colorado Z71 4x4.


I like that colorado. Not a huge fan of the color, but I do want one of those lol.


First car

What I'm driving now: My legs. I intend on getting another Cherokee Sport (2002 or older) within the near future.


Gallant ...cringe


Those are nice, my Mom drives a 2014 S Class AMG!


Your feet can't fail you now, your feet can't fail you now! xD. I love those boxxy Cherokees.


First Car: 1997 Subaru Outback Sport (the Impreza hatchback)

Current Car: 1998 Subaru Outback Sport

Both are/were the same shade of green.


First car: 98 Chevy Lumina

current car: 98 Chevy Lumina

I'm saving up for a proper mountain bike. I'd love to ride that to work provided my job at the time is close enough.

[sitting in the driveway]

the fuel dial is not accurate and moves freely, I have to keep an eye on the trip meter, I usually fill up at 250miles, gas is 2.29 right now, I'll fill up before work.

Tranny sticks when it's cold, Thermostat needs some love, but will get it in the spring.

it doesn't tachometer! I NEED THIS

inherited it from my parents, ah well...


My first car was an oil leaking gas guzzling mid size suv. The Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2001 xls. It served its purpose as a daily driver but it started to fall apart rather quickly, and it was quite embarrassing driving my girl to dinner when the Montero's A/C belt would start to slip and create a wailing sound like that of a midget banshee. So I moved on to a car of my own preference as a graduation gift from my parents. I now drive a Boston Red Hyundai Veloster 2013 dual clutch with tech and style packages. It is an awesome car and i was super stoked to drive it off the lot. It has amazing versatility. I can drive it efficiently with the eco mode on and get 40-50 miles to the gallon. I drive to College Station Texas from Fort Worth Texas on one tank of gas! At the same time however I can turn sport mode on and switch to the paddle shifters and hit 140 mph (I have done this a few times). Its a bit sluggish off the line and its 0-60 speed is not too great but it makes up for it in handling and a remarkably smooth drive. I love this car. In the future after school i will get a truck but right now this car makes the most sense for me.



Hyundai Veloster (my current car)


that Hyundai is pretty damn nice lol. I wouldn't be able to own something like that, I use my truck for things too much to get rid of it. 


First car: Opel Kadett E -88, got it in -06, had it for 2 years, at the brink of explosion sold it for 50 €.

Current ride: pubtrans. With gas prices at 1.6€ per liter, i've got better things to spend my money on.


Current: Cavalier z24 2001