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Your first car and what your driving now


First Car: 99 Buick Park Avenue.

Next Car: 84 BMW 325i

After That: 2012 Mazda 6

After that: 94 Mazda Miata (still have)

Current Car: 2013 Mercedes Benz E350 Coupe


My first car was a Ford Fiesta, cool car
especially for yuangster. Now I driving Hyundai Creta.
I also think that this is a great car. It clearly has more space than the first. :grinning:


My first car was a 63 Ford Falcon 2 door station wagon with a 6 cylinder and tree on the tree transmission $75 for it…
A lot of sweet memories and road trips. Now I drive an 03 Honda Pilot.


First car: 1990 Toyota Camry Wagon. I still miss it from time to time.

Next: 2001 Chevy S10 ZR2. Ate gas like crazy but never got stuck anywhere. Started rusting out kinda bad though; fuck the midwest road salt.

Third: 2009 Chevy Silverado crew cab Z71. Damn that was comfy, it was like driving a living room chair. Got the same mileage as the S10, even hauling half a ton of firewood in the bed. Also started showing cancer signs at the wheel wells. Again, fuck midwest road salt.

Now: 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Premium trim. Love it so far, put about 1200 miles on it in less than a month (bought October 31st). Plan to keep it for a long long time, and no more midwest road salt!


My first car was a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3
it ruined me and now I have a thing for hatchbacks.
Current car is a 2016 Ford Focus ST


Lol, I am still driving my first car.

Black 2002 Toyota Avalon XLS.


My first car was

It was Blue but the same.

Today I dont care. There are so many speed cameras and red light cameras. I have a ford sedan nothing special. Fly under you radar. Im a drone.

I Welcome self driving cars in australia. It would fuck up income. So there not happening in the next decade at least.


Nothing fancy here. Pictures aren’t the actual cars, just pictures of the same model and color that I’ve found online.

First Car: 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix SE V6

It eventually rusted to the point of not being able to fix anything.
Scrapped at 280,000 miles.

Second Car: 2000 Mercury Cougar V6

Let my sister drive it when she came back to Michigan. She beat the hell out of it and I ended up scrapping it.

Third Car: 2007 VW Golf GTI
It was shit and deserves to be forgotton

Current: 2009 Saab 93 Aero XWD

Too lazy to take a picture, but this is what it looks like.
It’s a nice car and I like it.


First vehicle was an S10 that I modified. Bought it with a 4cyl 5speed. Dropped in a 350 V8. I had this truck for around 15 years and sold it just a couple years ago.


Now I have a 2014 Silverado. And a few months ago I bought another S10 to build Muhahahaha.


Those S10s are such cute little trucks, I like them alot.


First Car: Volvo 850. It had 27 000 metric miles on it. I Bought it for 400 euros. Changed the breaks and other very minor stuff for about 200 euros. Drove it for 5 years up until it had gone 37 000 miles without any major repairs. I fixed all maintence myself, both beacuse it was cheaper and I found it quite fun. Sold it for 500 euros because I had gotten a good deal on a S70, my current car. The S70 is built on the same platform as the 850 so that made it very easy to repair as I already know most things about it. The S70 had 19 500 miles on it and cost 200 euros. I repaired it and still drive it today, about 21 000 miles without any issues, there isn’
t even any rust! These cars are amazing. :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of the 850 when I sold it, still looked good! Hard to believe it passed 37 000 miles and were almost 25 years old. I just checked my country’s transportation database, its still out there, now passing 40 000 miles.


Vehicles I have owned in chronological order:

1986 GMC Sierra Classic diesel

First vehicle, got for free, single cab 2wd, diesel was an issue many times in the winter, was very rusty and a gross brown color. Sadly no pictures that I know of.

1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Didn’t have for long, was a cool car though, called it the land yacht, I remember it had a cool real time analog fuel economy meter.

1987 Chevrolet Silverado

I liked this truck a lot, 4x4 350 TBI, single cab, lots of rust

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

Got this when I moved out of my parents house, was a nice vehicle

2006 GMC Sierra 2500

I loved this truck, 6.0 V8, extended cab, big tires, loud exhaust, but financially it was a mistake

2005 Nissan Maxima

This was a mistake in general and I wish to delete it from my brain

1990 Chevrolet Silverado (current)

Nice truck, from Wyoming (where I lived) so it had almost zero rust, moved back to WI and now it’s rusting so I am sad

2002 VW Jetta TDI (current)

Fun car, been modding it a bunch, fuel economy is great, with snow tires it does great in the winter


Funny that they call that a Jetta in the US, since that is actually a Bora.
My 2000 Seat Toledo 1M is build on the same platform. :slight_smile:


That’s what we call it here in Brazil too


Yeah there has been a Jetta, but that was based on the 5th generation of the Golf.
The Bora which that one is, is based on the 4th gen of the Golf.

There also has been a a Jetta based on the Golf 3th gen.


Why TurboX pic, you dont get those wheels :wink:

Had an 06 Aero manual myself, back in the day; beefy engine, specially with the VTune. Car totalled in an accident, but drove it for another three years after buying back the salvage. It was a great car…

Anyway, my new car:

A regression in power, but car manages to tick most boxes, without paying Tesla money


I could buy them off ebay if I wanted :>


Mate, that truck is gorgeous