Your favorite under appreciated or totally unkown metal artists?

The thread title says what you need to do.

Spread the good word about your favorite obscure/under appreciated/ unkown artists

My contributions:

Dan Dankmeyer -

my favorite tracks from him are: "Prototype (idea11)" from his album Pure , and "2" from his album titled : X

The Enigma TNG -

Favorite track "Cyber Factor" (as I haven't gotten around to listening to all his music)

as always I'm eager to see what you guys have to offer up, because its usually awesome.

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Right now totally:

Lotus Thief


Súl Ad Astral

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Thanks a lot! Good stuff …

Mmm ArtMetal. Love their stuff. Cant go wrong with Jonas Hellborg.

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Bliksem are fucking amazing:

Cripper, another amazing female vocalist in a fairly unknown German thrash metal band:

And lastly, Kontrust. They're gaining traction and, just like Cripper, already have a few albums released, but I can't leave them out. Love me some reggae metal, especially when it's from an Austrian group:

Nice posts. Added Cripper to the Thrashology thread :)

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Some under-appreciated thrash:

heh, my buddy's band was just featured on npr. I'm digging the new track too.

I'm a big fan of these two bands right here, amazing sound but I don't think either are very well known, or at least well known yet.

And Red Fang

Relevant thread from a while back.

I tried the filter and came up with nothing when I posted this thread, didnt mean to make a duplicate, sorry !

just found these guys yesterday!

The Healing :

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It's not a big deal. That ones has been dead a long time, but it has some nice things in there.

Some more unknown/underrated thrash

I feel like Be'lakor doesn't get enough attention


Evil Army and tons of other bands from memphis

There's a ton of old school bands I grew up on that I find many metalheads my age (24) have never heard of.

More under-appreciated thrash

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I really love this track by Hæthen