Your Favorite Storage Drive Bench Marking Programme

Yo, what sup son, what are some of your favorite benchmarking tools for storage.

let me tell you a story, using my Asus M5A99FX Pro revision 2.0 mother board i connected two OCZ Vector SSD's size 120GB into a raid 0 array. i tried benchmarking it using HDTUNE but i crashed, right near the end:( no doubt my overclock is unstable lol, good enough for gaming. anyways. crystal mark doesnt even see the array as a drive so guys know any other program that's capable of seeing this drive to get some short stats like writespeeds.

Maybe you can try AS-SSD benchmark tool.

looks good.

think mines broken? i noticed it booting slower than it normally does, usually its 15-20 seconds to desktop and usable, right now its 1-2mins to desktop and i still have to wait