Your favorite modern multiplayer fps?

Got bored, got to wondering what everyone's favorite modern(from the start of the new decade, 2010) multiplayer fps around here is. I recently picked up csgo and am having a blast with it, so I'd say ether it or bl2 is my favorite. Whats yours?

Tribes: Ascend, no contest.

Cs:go and bf3 are my favorite on pc. Honestly black ops 2 on the console is a lot of fun when you don't take it too seriously and play with a friend or two. And for those complaining about the screaming children, there is a mute button. 

cod4, not that it's 'modern' by your definition.

Combat arms, only because all of my friends play it and they refuse to play any other fps.

Hah Same :D

Rising Storm.

The "genre" isn't modern, if that is what you were seeking.


BF3 and ARMA

...But you can't prevent the constant 12 yr old group camping on Free For All -_-

PS2 or Halo 1 hue hue hue



Mine is Killzone: Mercenary at the moment. Nothing really special about it, except that it runs on a friggin' portable!

I mean look at this! If you told me that it was running on a console, or even a PC, I would in all honestly believe you. But it's running on a handheld that can (somewhat) fit in your pocket.


Tribes: Ascend. 

Closest contender would be Battlefield 3. 

CS:GO and TF2

I think i will try out Tribes: Ascend, ARMA, Rising Storm and other games ya'll like

Warframe and TF2 at the moment.

Probably TF2, if only because its community tends to be pretty great. Tribes: Ascend has been mentioned a lot and is definitely the most technically interesting game. I just suck at it. ARMA and DAYZ are pretty pretty fun. BF3 gameplay is pretty good, but everything else about it sort of sucks. Rise of the Triad is a remake of a much older game, and has gotten mixed reviews, I guess. But I'm still going to try it when I can get some money together.

Lets all be honest that never happens and how are you supposed to know they are 12 years old?

BF3 and TF2