Your favorite little known/overlooked andriod apps?

Just curious if there are any Android apps out there I'm missing out on... I have an HTC One M9 running v5.1 and until I am confident I can install Cyanogen MOD w/o bricking my phone I feel like there is alot this thing is capable of if only I found some better apps. Paid or free doesn't matter...

So what apk's can't you live without? Also where's your favorite place to get them from?

I'm interested in this too. The Moto G 3rd Gen. (hopefully I can upgrade to Marshmallow) I'll be getting next week is the first Android device since my Samsung Galaxy S+ (2.3.6) and Nexus S (4.1.2). So I'm absolutely not up-to-date with Android at all.

Definitely Spotify and Steam.

In terms of games I always have Chess and Super Hexagon.

I just get them from Play Store

If I have to answer the question in the title I would say Vysor and Automate. Vysor uses an ADB connection to let the user control the phone thorugh the PC with a Chrome app. Automate is an automating tool based on diagrams and is really powerful and can be integrated with Tasker and many other automating apps.

The apps I can't live without right now are Action Launcher 3 Pro and Tiny Apps. With tiny apps I can listen to Youtube videos with screen off and it's so useful when I want to listen to The Tek or some other podcast that don't have an audio only source.

All the apps are downloaded from the Play Store, except for Vysor.
P.S. Amazon Underground is so good for sales and free apps, check it out if you haven't already.

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