Your favorite headphone

Guys tell me about your favorite headphones and the music you listen on it

Audio Technica ATH-M30. I got mine for $45, and by far the best I've owned. Overall, very balanced sound, and very sturdy. You can read my review here.

I listen to a little bit of everything: Metal, folk, classical, electronica, alternative, etc. Really digging Lindsey Stirling atm though.

MDR-V6, design hasn't changed in 20 years and they are still an industry quality standard. Built like a tank, sound amazing, and all for a reasonable price.


  I really love the old expression how by the time you can afford the very best in audio phonics you are old enough that you cannot hear them properly anyway. I have a pair of Sony MDR-V500 that are fairly comfortable and produce good sound.  

Audio Technica ATH-M50


All around great headphones. They look great, not very flashy but unique enough to stand out. Build quality is solid. They sound amazing. Crisp and detailed sound with just a slightly increased bass. Bought them off Amazon for $170 about 2 years ago. Seen them these days for around $120.


like em more than my sennheiser 429's

nice bass without it being too overbearing, clear mids and highs.... music just sounds amazing on them.

Razer Megaladon. Best. Headset. Ever.

V Moda M80s. Great looks, great price, and fantastic audio quality.

I litsen to a lot of electronic, indie rock, alternative rock, classical, and indie electronic. Stuff like the Killers, Muse, A Shell in the Pit, the Bondage Fairies, etc.

I now use a sennheiser hd598, I do recommend this headphone for music as well as gaming. I use a blue spark cardioid condensor for skype and teamspeak as I don't find the mic's on headsets very convincing. Sure Razor and Steelseries have nice headsets but if you're spoiled they won't do music enough justice.

Koss KSC75. The sound is so good, I've set down the Koss Portapros and haven't bothered putting them on again.

The problem with ATH-M50's is that MDR-V6's have higher sound quality, and build quality, don't look stupid and are half the price.

Sennheiser 428 HD's are the best headphones I've used so far for a reasonable price range, they are also super comfortable because I usually wear them for hours on end and sometimes I forget they are even on. I also listen to lots of newer metal, screamo, punk, rock, and some dubstep.


Sennheiser has notoriously poor build quality and the plastic cracks very easily. Just look up "Sennheiser crack" and look at the infinite pages of pictures. Whoever said Razer Megladon has downs syndrome, Koss is a good choice, and from what I here V-Moda's aren't bad if you don't mind looking like a space man from the future.

i have a set of vmoda lp2 s (they are the over ear ones) and they kill beats and most other brands i did a side by side on my beats pro vs my vmoda and they owned face

full retail is $200 but you can pick them up around $80. i have droped them more times than i can count and they only have minor paint scratches. they are aluminium and have stupidly soft ear cups they also have  a removable audio cord which is very handy when you for get a cord at a show and have to jerry rig 

i dj so i play everything in them from raw life shows right off of a 30k mixer to an iphone that lives in my pocket. i have yet to find an song that doesnt sound good in them 

* forget 

V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

I'm cheap so I listen to music on my cheap turtle beach x12's (not a professional music headphone by any means, but not terrible quality. I take the standard HTC earbuds with me to work and I'm actually pretty impressed by them. For being the cheap earbuds that come with every HTC phone the quality is pretty good. For producing I really like beats, I wouldn't recommend them for listening to music on an every day basis but they seem to work really well with pro tools for mixing and mastering.

VMODA M-80s have got to be the best built portable heaphones ever and sound amazing for only 200$

Sennheiser HD 205 here, run great, and the clarity and sound is spot on :)

Thanks for posting your comments guys :)

mine current favourite headphones are Koss Pro DJ100

For music listening and multimedia: AKG K540 (open, warm, precise, still handles low impedance very well but prefer a medium high impedance, very comfortable, due to the open design, they bleed quite a bit of sound to the outside), with Creative X-Fi USB or X-Fi 5.1 USB

For DJing: Sennheiser HD205 (closed, LOUD, can rotate cup to the side, not a good sound quality, not comfortable at all but good noise insulation because of the on-ear design, sturdy, dangerous for ear damage). I also use these to record guitar, because they cut bass and treble and focus completely on the mid frequencies, and I can wear them next to a cranked amp and only hear the desk monitor signal because they are so loud in the midrange and insulate external noise so well.

For gaming & mumble: Creative HS950 (X-Fi USB) (compresses so I can hear all footsteps etc, still X-Fi DSP advantage, reduce CPU load, good mic, sturdier than they look)

For production: Sennheiser HD250 Linear II (with pro audio equipment and interfaces) (very comfortable, very good insulation, very precise and linear, don't handle low impedances well at all, they need a serious amp capable of driving high impedance headphones)

With mp3player: Bose IE2 (warm sounding, good sound quality for Bose and very comfortable because of not-quite-in-ear-design, very sturdy) and AKG IP2 (precise, almost linear, very good noise insulation, very dynamic, loud, sturdy) with creative Zen X-Fi2

Occasionally I also use other headphones, but the aformentioned get the most use. I prefer high impedance Beyer/Sennheiser/AKG headphones, and used them almost exclusively for music listening until the majority of the music I listened to was on digital computer devices, often in mp3 format, and it sounded so bad in comparison to uncompressed audio formats or analog audio, that I standardised everything that plays mp3's on creative X-Fi (which does a great job undoing most of the mp3 compression horror, and which works well with linux and windows alike), but creative has only recently started incorporating headphone amps capable of driving high impedance headphones, so in the mean time, I started using headphones capable of lower impedances, and especially with the AKG K540, it's still possible to get pleasing Hi-Fi audio quality, well, as long as I avoid listening to my old vinyl records through a real headphone amp with my AKG K702's.