Your Favorite Frameworks and Libraries

Just wondering what peoples favorite frameworks and libraries are and why. They can be for anything from web development to video game development :)


A few of mine that I love using are Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS and MonoGame.

Unity has a great framework. Its a simple and very functional framework. 

As far as libraries goes, LWJGL. Its amazing and very useful.

For GUI applications development I like Qt, It's cross-platform, it's free and it's easy.
As they say : "code less, create more, deploy everywhere"

And for gamedev, although you should use a game engine, but I like SDL because it provides good input handling and of course free, cross-platform (even on android). And it can be used with OpenGL.

Boost, QT, and OpenGL.

SFML, OpenGL, OpenCV and PDCurses for when I'm feeling especially hacky :3

My favorite PHP framework is going to be ZendFramework. I love how I can tear it apart and only use what I need or what I like out of each part of the code itself or the whole class.