Your best overclocks

Just thought i would start a thread about your personal best overclocks, not necessarily in terms of stability but clock speed.

one of my best previously was this;


Dont forget to link your CPU-Z validation links 




erm.... 3.2ghz..... not sure if it counts tho.... intel turbo


Still watching it. lol. but i believe so

Wow nice, this was featured in the video, right?


Nitrogen-cooled, wasn't it?

Much to my wife's dismay, once I get home from work I will be putting on a pot of coffee and begin overclocking. I will not be pushing it too hard, it will mostly be for stability. All specs are in my profile in case you are interested.

Hopefully a positive update to come later.

This is on the Intel stock cooler. Wat, stock cooler??? DOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I bet they got close to the Tjunction max


I got a K6 II+ 350MHz to run stable at 600MHz...


This is my current rig, 24/7 stable it's not going to impress anyone but it's chuffing fast :) With a cinebench run over 12 points...



*coughs* after a little tweaking and a few black/blue screens later, my 2500k hates x56 multi :( 

[My PC] 

Stock config:  1800mhz Core2duo @ 200fsb  | ram: ~300mhz DDR2 / capable of 800+

Current config: STABLE 22% overclock 2.2Ghz  and ram is underclocked bu 30% @ 233mhz. I don't touch the PCI clock because I've never had luck with it

I made this with my cooling method set to "optimal" (actually I can't hear it by normal bases) and stock cooler !  That made me go from ~50 degrees to ~60 degrees in benching mode, so it's cool to do..

I've been overclocking my hd4670 card in the past but now I am not because I see no point


[My phone]


Stock speed 600mhz  clocked at 748mhz seems stable for the most part (again ~25% overclock). I have no control over lotages so that's great for now


I all my experience the best overclock for clockable cpus (like intell ones) stands near 20-25% overclock. 

If you I\you need to go more crazy, you need some fine tuning of the voltages, ram, and so... and good cooler should help you as well


That's my point and my experience with overclocking.... I overclock anything if it's stable and don't care about the warrany

Prease give some suggestions or comments and excuse my bad English


Just finished this stable until Im done my custom loop. With an H80. Temps are like about 80c


I got my athlon x3 up to 3.8, but that was really unstable. I'm usually at 3.5.

FX-6300 only 5.0 at 39 degrees celcius

Current setup (daily OC)

Cooler is a CM 212+ with 2 Antec Tricool over-voltage modded (running 14v right now, but regulated down with sensors)

LMAO, thats badass but......scary.

opteron 165 @ 3.2ghz 

I've booted to the windows login screen @ 4.8ghz before. it super unstable though and I've never managed to get CPU-z up because is BSOD's before it completes the login. currently running rocksolid (ran a 24 hour stress test) and it never got over 53c, idle temps are 35c, or 10c over ambent, with the cooler set to medium speeds. on high it holds at about 30-33c. gets hotter outside in the summer. I've not taken it higher because my motherboard is bottlenecking the amount of wattage I can put into it. RAGE! shoulda bought a better OC'ing board.