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You have a broken GM vehicle? ASE Master GM auto tech here

Title says it all. If you have a problem with your car that you're trying to repair yourself I can help you figure it out. Keep in mind, I'm really only familiar with GM cars from ~2000+.

Let's start up a decent mechanic advice thread here. Any other techs on the forum? Help me out here!


I own a Chevrolet Sonic 2013 LT. It's a great little car and I love it - but there's one little problem:

At highway speeds (70mph-80mph) the right side of the dashboard will occasionally make a quiet buzzing noise. Any guesses as to what this is and if its fixable? Tapping on the dashboard in the general area that the noise is occurring doesn't seem to have any effect while its making the noise.

I'm usually work on Buick/GMC, but if I had to guess a couple of interior screws came loose or something simple like that. Are you still under factory bumper to bumper warranty?

No screws loose that I can tell - I've already tried taking the dashboard apart partially.

Out of warranty by six months; naturally the rattle developed 5 months ago. :)

Oh, the screws or clips that are loose are never easy to find. They're almost always hiding under a panel of some sort. I've never had the dash of a Sonic apart or I'd be able to give you more info. If there are trim plates on the sides of your dash or under the glove box that are easy to get to I would pop those off and start checking in that area. Or remove the glove box and check behind there. Before you go too crazy taking it all apart go for a ride with somebody and pinpoint the area that it's coming from.

edit: I missed where you said you took it apart a bit... Still, if it's a concern to you you might need to go deeper. Don't forget, noises that sound like they're in the cabin can be under the hood too. Things can buzz on the firewall and sound like they're coming from the dash.

Alright, will give that a try. Thank you.

I wish I had a better answer for you. Best of luck!

Some days are shit, but I still love my job. I like taking stuff and putting it back together, what can I say.

this is an interesting topic, I have a 05 granx prix with a heads up display, a few years ago I plugged in a gps and my cell phone into the two power ports and the hud stopped working. I do miss it and would like it back
pontiac counts as gm right?

Do the "clones" of the Tech2 and newer devices actually work? They're still pretty expensive for someone who needs the functionality maybe twice a year.

Yeah, I work on them often. Do your power outlets still work? If not, check your fuses. I've seen quite a few of those HUD's break though. If you position yourself to see the windshield through the top of the steering wheel in the area the hud would normally display you might be able to see it. There's a little plastic bit that adjusts the mirror to project the hud that breaks on those.

You can get a cheap knockoff tech2, i've used one before. The tech 2 is obsolete now though. If you need to check dtc's or sensor data or something you can go to an auto parts store and they'll let you use a generic scanner if you leave your driver license at the counter.


I need to replace the TID on my '08 Astra. They have security codes on them, so I can't just swap them and I guess a generic OBD scanner won't be able to un/remarry the components correctly. If there's a better solution, I'm all ears.

Sadly, the local Opel dealers won't do just the programming for me - they want to the swap themselves, and be paid for it, of course.

yeah the outlets work fine ive been out fiddling with the fuses under the hood and behind the passaner door and I can't find one thats out though I may be overlooking the correct one imma look and see if I can see anything that looks broken down in there

Also a Mechanic (retired now) and Australian, so anyone with Aus cars or most American and European stuff I can help you out.


My dad has an 06 Envoy that has been nothing but problems for the last few years now.

First problem is actually not that big of a deal, mainly because there aren't any symptoms beyond a couple idiot lights being on in the upper left of the instrument cluster. One is the traction control symbol, and I can't remember the other one. For a while it was intermittent, sometimes they'd be on, sometimes off. Now they are on all the time. Nothing really seems to be noticeably wrong.

The second problem is worse. It only happens when it's cold out, like below 10F. When he starts it it'll run very rough, and frequently die. It becomes very hard to start. I think it even died at a traffic light once or twice. He's been told that it might be a warped intake manifold or some of the intake manifold bolts might be loose.

Third problem is when he shuts down there is a high pitched noise that comes from the engine for several seconds after the engine is off. I am almost certain that it's the intake/throttle valve closing, and it needs to be lubricated. Any idea on how to do that, and with what?

the traction controll part is common, traction controll/anti lock breaks are tied together and generaly stop working correctly on most older cars, newer older cars detect this and disable them. I don't like ether of those "features" so I am happy when this happens. I am not a mechanic but I am confident that can be ignored safely, I always do. Good luck with the rest I hope mr plosion can help.

Here's something for ya. My mom owns a 2007 chevy tahoe that actually runs great, but with one issue.
Since she got in, when it was brand new, it has gone through oil like a heroine addict with heroine. Thing needs oil all the time. ( I dont know the exact millage off the top of my head). What's up with that?

There is likely a fault with the ABS system, no big deal. You won't have abs or traction control at all with the codes set that are causing that light to turn on. I've seen loose intake manifold bolts on those before, but that'd set a check engine light with lean codes if it's that bad.

Those have had oil consumption issues for years now. Very likely that the oil control rings on the pistons are all stuck and it's burning it. There are a few fixes GM has released to prevent it from happening again, but it's usually pistons. Could also be sucking oil from the PCV valve, which is part of the left valve cover. They released an updated design in around 2012 to help with that. It's usually piston rings though.