You Guys Are My Last Hope

Hey guys today is a suspensefull day for me, my computer may have died and this is my last stitch effort, I spent over 1k on this and it really hurts me that this has happened


You see my computer has become unusable because something is taking up 99% of my Cpu and the task manager says its norton and sometimes steam and othertimes it wont tell me what is doing that and if I try to snd the program it wont let me, please help if you can help you will have saved me 1k


Thank you so much if you can help I wouldnt mind gifting you a cheap game on steam

Honestly, whenever I have a problem such as this, I just reinstall my OS. It solves just about any problem, unless it is a hardware fault. Just ensure you back up important files on an external drive, before you reinstall.

Someone else might know what specific problem is occurring. But, without knowing, that's what I would do.

Well, I had this problem at one time and I restored the computer and it didn't fix it It just eventually stopped doing this but now it is back

I have identified that the usage is coming from a program called Service: Host Local System something or other I have no idea what that is but when I try to end it, it just says it may cause instability and if you end it windows will shut down, so I am stuck, as I said I had this problem a while back I restored the computer and that did not work, eventually it stopped but now it is back and worse then ever I have no idea if this is some sort of virus

Just re install like Berserker said. It'll save you loads of headache.

Reinstalling the OS is guaranteed to get rid of any malicious software that could be causing that. I honestly don't know the problem.

But unless it is a hardware fault, which it is not, reinstalling the OS will simply fix everything. It's not like system restore. It will return everything to default, even your wallpaper lol.

After that, you will want to run disk cleanup to delete your old Windows files, and free up some capacity in your storage.

Idk man cause I restored this computer before and that did not fix it, and how would I reinstall my OS btw I have windows 8

Insert the OS CD, boot from it, and follow prompts. Finished. :)

Here is a link, I looked at some other forums people say this is helpful but I understand none of it

I have an OEM computer, so I don't have that

Reinstalling the OS > System restore. It's not the same thing. I actually never use system restore, because it has never fixed anything for me, in all the years I have used a computer.

Most people, given that it isn't a hardware problem, would reinstall the OS. There could be some other way to fix it, but as it has been said above, you should probably save yourself the headache, bud.

I think you can download it from the Windows website, and they will give you a key if you have an OEM computer, that had Windows preinstalled.

I don't have an OS disc, I bought an HP envy at best buy : /

If I download windows from the website, how will I be able to re-install it, would I have to burn it to a disc?

You can legally download a copy and use your key to activate it..

Or a boot-able usb drive.

Could I just re-install it through a website or would I have to use a USB/CD because I don't own any :/

Grab a couple of USB keys, they're cheap. There's guides on YouTube on how to install an OS to a USB drive. Use the second USB to store any important data. It's a bit of a "must", in this day and age.

You can't spend $$$ on a computer, and not have back-ups.


This video claims it can fix the problem and it has good ratings, but I can't figure it out : /

You need to "find" ultimate trouble shooter program, may be something close free. But "Finding" it is easy. You can see whats running in the back ground, shut it down, and set to manual start up. 

Or you can see whats eating your cpu from your task manager, then shut it down, and set it to manual. Not sure why people are telling you to re install ???