You can vote to make GOG Galaxy open source

That seems a really complicated "wish" to implement. It would require them to do several iteration:

  • create and document an API (designing a good public API is really tricky)
  • separate the Galaxy client from the (now existing) API
  • implement either registration process for "users" of the public API
  • public the new client's code and the API

And that's only for the "up-front" tasks. Then you have to also maintain the published API,which is something that most of voters do not even comprehend.

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Yeah I agree. I'm in the boat of having the client get some more time under its belt before making the push to address any open source changes. Making some things open source can also inject a lot of confusion into certain things, but since "open source" can be such a broad term, I'm not sure what this would/could look like in reference to GOG Galaxy.

It is indeed very complicated to implement and I doubt it is possible if the devs did not have it in mind from the beginning. Still I cast my vote in favor. Always nice for the idea to be out there and supported and it is possible, while it could benefit a lot of users and markets.

I really don't think this is something that needs to be open source. What are the advantages?

Theoretically better compatibility, transparency in transactions, security and the potential of use by other ventures (commercial or not) that wish to create a digital distribution platform (not just games) that might not have the resources to make one from scratch.

Apparently you don't understand how stuff works. They only would have to publish the source code for the client under and open source license - nothing else.


Because one can simply opensouce the shopping cart functionality. Especially since the Galaxy is actually half web browser. What exactly would be the part that is "opensourced"? And please don't forget that GOG is not a charity.

And even better question: what would be the benefit?

"Opensource" is not a special form of pixie dust that you can sprinkle on a project. Just because the source is available does not mean that there will be a horde of developers to work on it. And how would you organize that developer community if it magically materializes?

It is not that simple!