Yoga for the Boyz (and girls, if there are any!)

You may know me from the forum, I often accidentally destroy machines…

Over the past three years I’ve been training with Yogacharya Vinay Kumar, 5 times All India Champion of Champions and founder of Pranavashya Yoga in Mysore, India. He gave me a teaching certificate last year, but I didn’t really use it… Anyway, I’ve started teaching in London, and I’d like to give back to the forum in my own way for all the help I’ve gotten!

Here are some photos and a video:

And a tutorial:

I used to be fat and lazy, so I know it’s hard to start. Basically, you can ask me any questions or what problems, poses you want and I’ll post a video for you to follow!

I know it all looks a little impossible… I can literally do a video on how to kneel or sort out your back. Remember the photos above are mostly the extreme conclusion to postures, like the through the leg photo, which is basically the logical conclusion to a forward fold.

Nearly forgot… my website is, there lots of info on there too.


Wow that’s awesome. You’re really taking yoga to the next level!

I don’t speak for everyone but that technique in the tutorial is a bit advanced for me. I’m not overweight maybe a little lazy, but I am still trying to touch my toes…

I started kungfu this year to help improve my hand to hand combat skills but I do feel my poor flexibility is inhabiting me a bit as the art focuses a lot on centrifugal force and things like compressing the ribs to give you more force.

Out of curiosity are you more immune to things like rolling an ankle? To add to that is your recovery time with certain injuries better?

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I do a bit of yoga. Nothing extreme, just enough to get that little bit extra mobility and flexibility. I can’t do any of those extreme poses from your screenshots. But I lift and I really need my hips to be mobile for a high bar squat with good form. And I need to be able to extent my shoulders further back if I’m doing a low bar squat. Mobility and flexibility are extremely underrated.

I’m literally the only guy in my gym that goes to a yoga class. So I’m surrounded with girls bending over in tight outfits :slight_smile:


I started out in Aikido… Anyway, I’m going to make easier videos. In the style I teach, that is actually beginner! I’m making a video for super easy things now. The major difference I’ve noticed is with strength and balance. I went mountain biking with my friends and picked up an electric bike (30 kg ish) with one hand and climbed over a fence without my hands. I just did it automatically, the fence was really wobbly. When I turned around everyone was staring at me in disbelief… I haven’t gone over on my ankle yet…

Me too… I’m actually desensitized to women in tight clothing now… Which is a little weird. I’ll make a video about hips later for you. I talk about squatting.

I made a beginner friendly video on just how to kneel… Can you do everything in this?

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Oh I’m fairly flexible for someone who’s not a real yogi. I’ve been into martial arts most of my life. Flexibility is a big thing for martial arts and even after I stopped doing martial arts actively, I continued with flexibility and mobility exercises out of habit. I just don’t feel good when I feel tightness somewhere. I’m actually more flexible now at 29 than ever before.

My biggest hurdle (and this is true for most guys) was internal hip rotation. That took the longest to train properly. So if you’re making a hip video, focusing on internal hip rotation might be a good idea. Men tend to suck at it.

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I can’t do this… :roll_eyes:… It’s really hard to just suggest poses for specific body parts without knowing the person, because I keep thinking of the stuff that’s super easy or too hard and the video will be endless.

I’ve learnt my first you-tubing lesson!

Can you do everything in the first video? That contains nearly everything (except wide leg seated stretch) you need as a beginner to do the Hindu squat (which is pretty much the same as a low bar squat). If you can do all the half lotus stuff with the bind and everything, I’ll add how to do the lotus variations on the next videos. I’m going to try and leave enough so people can start Primary Series, which contains everything you need to get better.

Basically, I’m going to give a few more beginner videos and then explain all 62 postures of Primary, then people should be able to do it.

My hamstrings where open from Martial Arts, but my quads where tight. It took me forever to get splits.


Oh yeah, that’s a big problem. I see people trying to stretch their hamstrings all the time and more often than not they’re perfectly fine. It’s just that the people sit around all day and they end up with anterior pelvic tilt. Their hip flexors and quads are tight but they’re pulling and stretching their hamstrings, making things worse in the process.

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