Yo seattle people!

Hey look after hearing about the living situation that Logan is in and appalled to hear the renters agreement he is in, I am writing this to get out there to the network of people if they have or know anyone that can give a stable situation for what I can imagine to be a short time till the move to Dirty Portland. These guys are pouring their hearts into producing the show we watch, learn, grown and laugh with! We should as a community be able to show a better Seattle then the bat shit crazy "don't work from home" whatever the hell that is. Don't work from home? Ummm as long as the rent is paid on time, stay out of my life and go back to your cats or bowls of soup... I have no idea what old people do.
Is there anyone that can offer a solution? Also Logan an Qain It may be not enough be if need be I have a Storage Unit in the Lynnwood/ Edmonds area. I have a book shelf an some scuba gear in it so I would have no problem moving all of my things out and letting you have sole unfettered access to it as a temp solution to some things. Its a 5x5x8 so not very big, but hey it is something.
If you have a interest in its use email me at
[email protected]
Otherwise good luck an best of wishes!