Yo Logan. Ear Slayer still okay for YouTube use?

First off, thank you for all the great content.

Second off, question about Ear Slayer and your other album(s).


Is it still okay if we use them in our youtube videos? I've planned out some basic let's plays, but my recordings are missing dat sweet sweet tunes. I need that sweet sweet tunes. And your tunes are perfect.

Of course, I would only use the music after I have personally bought the album(s) and I would always credit the songs and link to your bandcamp.

Here are the conditions:


Super awesome, thanks. Very straight forward, however I was not aware of the conditions.

Also, for future reference, how do we actually submit to Inbox.exe? I realize now not through here, however this post would be sorta wasteful.

since the inbox.exe email logan had originally just got filled with people asking for build helps the subforum got made. Logan & Wendell look through it from time to time and answer some of the best ones. The secondary purpose of inbox.exe subforum is to let the community answer some of the questions and talk about stuff.

It's unfortunate that people polluted it. Wow.