Yet Another Software Selection Question (YASSQ) - Active Directory Controller

Context - home dungeon/lab :

Active Directory - I watched a couple of videos on configuring AD on SAMBA4 this evening and it seemed smaller/tidier than Installing Windows Server 2016.

When it comes to things like configuring group policy; One of the areas I want to play with is mapping network drives/locking down PCs.

Am I limiting myself by going with CentOS and Samba4?

I have a bias for *ix servers but I can install WS2016 with my MSDN subscription for the lab so licensing isn't a constraint.

Servers are virtual so quick and small is nice. I have an LSI raid card that I am going to put into HBA mode and hang 8 s3500 600gb's off of as a virtual server pool in the next few weeks. (local disk for the moment), 128GB of ram on the workstation.

I have a new server board x10drg but CPUs/RAM are going to take a while to collect. Once complete I will split workstation from NAS/Virtualization Server and either 10gbe (I have a couple of cards) or 40gb Infiniband and try IPOIB.

I don't have much information on the AD question since I manage AD in windows but I can sell you 2x 16gb sticks of DDR4 ECC ram when you're ready to buy for a nice price. I upgrade to two 32 gig sticks from 16 gig sticks so these pretty new sticks are sitting around doing nothing.

If you end up wanting to do windows let me know and I can help you out with anything you need to know about windows AD/GPO.

I have been thinking of going with 256gb of ddr 4 on the new server but ram prices have been going in the wrong direction. "V3 QS chips are currently not bad so I will likely start by buying a couple of 12-14 core in the 2.3ghz range over the next couple of months.

No kidding, DDR4 ECC RAM particularly is insanely expensive.