Yet another rig build

Hey and thanks to anyone who is willing to help me out! :)

So now that new stuff has come out and im a bit more aware of what this stuff does, iv come up with this build:

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Mark 2 (780)

CPU: Intel Core i5 - 4440 (550)

GPU: Asus (ROG) GTX 760 Striker edition (1200)

PSU: Cooler Master G550M (250)

CPU Cooling unit: Cooler Master 212X (130)

The budget I have is 1000 USD - this build is just under the budget. I live in Malaysia so the exchange is about 3.1 USD to 1 MYR. (prices are in brackets in MYR)

i was wondering if there is any bottlenecking and if this is all compatible. Is the PSU able to cope with everything? Suggestions as to what I should change would be great - though i really do like all the parts iv picked :)

I have all the peripherals and OS that i need already

I also have an AMD build which i had in mind but from research and experiences from friends iv realised that it isnt exactly the most stable and may give me annoying issues in the future. They are both under my budget. if you'd like me to post it i will just to see how it would compare to this i will.

Thanks for the time! :)

All appears to be compatible. Is there any reason why you're combining a premium grade motherboard with a CPU that has a locked multiplier? I'd recommend going with the i5 4690k, so you'll have the option to overclock in the future. If you don't plan on overclocking, then you could cheap out on the motherboard a bit.

550w is plenty to power your system, but I would go with a better quality and more efficient unit. Look for something that is 80+ certified and uses a single 12v rail. Something like this would be a better option:

Do you have a specific website that you'll be ordering all these parts from? If you can throw me some links to the websites you'll be ordering from, I'll have a better idea of what parts are available to you.

Thank you so much!

The only reason why i went for the Sabertooth is because im a bit of an asus fanboy. And that the sabertooth looks like its made of quality  (im sure there are others which are better but its just price and personal preference) i havent really experienced what an over clocked CPU is like on games. but i guess once i try then ill probably use it more often.

i also like the programs and software which asus has to offer on its boards 

Iv done some research and have found an Asrock Fatal1ty Z97x killer which is significantly cheaper in price. i also like what it has to offer. How would that work with the other components. especially the CPU? 

The place where i may get it is an IT mall. IT has a site but im not too sure if you will be able to access it in your country. www.Lowyat.NET is the mall. Got to price lists and you'll find the retailers 

The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 will work just fine with your CPU and your other components. Make sure you get the i5-4690K though. Otherwise your ability to OC will be extremely limited with the i5-4440.

Ah, i almost forgot. iv forgotten about RAM. What would you suggest for 8GB RAM? 

Personally, I wouldn't go with ASRock. ASUS has good motherboards, but they are also pricier compared to the competition (MSI, Gigabyte) and do not offer much to differentiate their boards for the price premium.

For RAM, DDR3 is your only option with the setup and 1600 MHz with a class 9 is a sweet spot for most. The performance gain for higher clocked memory is not very significant. Also, higher clocked RAM usually have a slower class.

Depending on your cooling setup you might want to be careful when purchasing RAM with heat spreaders since they might not fit sometimes. Going low-profile is always the safer option.

PS- I noticed your build budget is USD 1000. As it turns out, I'm building a gaming rig myself for that same budget and I'm in the process of buying the parts. I'll put a link below to my parts list, but note that prices for you might be different given that you are in a different country. At any rate, it should give you some options to consider.

Thanks for build! It has helped reassure me a little.

I was think of going with the Gigabyte mobo you chose but it is a little pricey in my country at the moment (about double of the ASRock z97x killer) and a little out of my budget if i were to switch either to the Gigabyte or back to the Asus sabertooth. 

May i ask why you wouldnt really got with he ASRock  mobo? or ASRock in general? 

As far as RAM is concerned my country has the mainstream RAM brands - kingston and corsair (kingston being the cheaper brand)

Very low quality SSD and mediocre power supply.

SSD uses asynchonous flash which results in read/writes that can have less than half the performance of a regular SSD using synchronous flash.

PSU has a lot of voltage droops over the 4 rails, not making it a very good option.