Yet another CPU question


Disregarding cost of the CPU what would you reccoment more for a day-to-day use of a college student. My PC is on for about 6 hours a day, the chip will most likely be OCed plus I will get a 1440p monitor later on in this year. Now as I said, the cost of the CPU is not even in question, but power usage may be.

Should I get 3570K, 3770K, FX 8350? Imagine we live in a world where they all cost the same, which is the best and why. 

And please dont post Logans comparison video, I saw it at least 3 times since it was uploaded...

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For power consumption the Intel is better they also just as powerful as the amd. So if they are the same price get the i5 or i7

Well, if you only have the 3 to choose from, the 3770k is my pick, then the 3570k then the 83shitty. lol jk But, 2011 socket i-7 3930k's are beast, more expensive, but idle at around 132 watts vs a 3770k @ 99 watts. Probably not worth the money though.

at no point within 5 years will you ever break even on a $100 difference between a processor that uses 50W more than another

so its basically a moot point to cite power consumption as saving money, but if you dont overclock get the 3570K, if you do singlethreaded mainly, 3570K, multithreaded 8350, overclocking 8350

^ i dont think when people talk about power consumption per say cost/year but more of the wattage required from the PSU to run the whole system.

and to add to the point the 3570K overclocks better than the 8350 (in terms of performance gained)

only to a certain point due to the fact that the 3570K runs hotter when overclocked, you may be able to get to 4.3ghz stable on air with a 3570K, but 5.0ghz on air with a 8350 is not uncommon

ive seen the 8350's usually top out at about 4.8Ghz (pretty much the same with the 3570k  decent on air) as the TJ max for the 8350 is around 65c and the 3570k can take 105c

Biggest difference that sticks out to me is the 8350 can only be pushed about 600Mhz past its Turbo frequency where as the 3570k can go 1000Mhz above turbo, and since both are neck and neck at stock when Oc'd the 3570k will take the advantage (given you have the cooling capability to do so)

if you want to talk about the difference between turbo and max overclock, then the 8320 which is basically the same as the 8350 but cheaper and clocked lower at stock can also hit 5ghz which is 1ghz higher than its stock turbo speed

Why is everyone on the thread saying the temps dont look right and that it should be mid 60's (near its TJ max) on good air/water, and the 8320 doesent share comparable performance with the 3570k only the 8350 does, maybe i didn't word it right but from a base performance level where both are equal (the 8350 and 3570K) the 3570K clocks higher, therefore offering more Performance... as the 8320 would still show the same performance as the 3850 at 4.8, which in theory only be equivalent to an 8350 oc'd 600Mhz

you can often take some chips past their TJ max

Should I get 3570K, 3770K, FX 8350? Imagine we live in a world where they all cost the same, which is the best and why. 

Why is this a question. In terms of general consumption ivy bridge (while not exactly sipping power) is the winner. If you want specs, here's ivy i7s vs sandy i7 i think the test platform is video encoding (i dont particularly care), here is ivy vs vishera. Now if money's no object you'd be stupid not to buy the 3770k, and i'm unsure why you would even debate it. Not to mention microcenter deals on ivy bridge processors have the 3770k and the 8350 at the same price point.

Also i just reread your post and i think the general assumption is that college students aren't the richest people, the 3570k is not only the cheapest on the list (assuming you live near microcenter) but is the best value overall. If the 8350 were $160 we'd be having a different conversation. Also arguing about extreme oc on the 3570k against a 8350 is stupid, you can pust the amd chip damn far before you need to switch to water/non-conventional cooling, while the 3570k requires a budget for anything past 4.4ghz (which is what makes the i7 which is $230 at microcenter the best option for people looking to OC on a budget since you can get the same performance on air as you would with a 3570k on water and a semi decent OC.) Also sandy bridge.

It is NEVER a good idea to go past a CPU's Tj Max, theres a limit for a reason, unless you want to shorten the life, degrade, have long term stability issues and possibly Fry your CPU, plus im pretty sure the Visheras start dropping the voltage once they hit Tj Max like intels, ive heard of the Cpus locking up/lagging because its downclocking because it overheats. 

And to Oxy, Deoends on the Chip, same for the 8350, 5Ghz is a good 8350, and 5Ghz is also a good 3570k, no one manufacturer is better than the other when it comes to the silicon lottery. 

Thank you!

I was saving most of the cash from work, so I might not be amongst the richest I saved up 1200€ for my PC budget. But right now I cant decide between buying the 3770K for 230€ (3570K is 210€) or just wait for the new Intel line (Haswell). I am probably going to build the rig in Q2-Q3 this year. Should I go for that deal or wait? :)