Yet another console gamer looking to join the club...(2k build)

After a long time of contemplating whether to upgrade to a next-gen console or a PC, I’ve decided on the latter.


I intend to use this PC for work, web browsing, and gaming. “Work” software will include: DNAStrider, SerialCloner, ChemDraw, MS word, excel, and powerpoint. The most graphic intense game I plan to play will be Battlefield 3. My budget is ~$2,000 (USD). However, as a long time Mac user (Yes, a Mac user and console gamer. I’m essentially evil incarnate.), I have no PC compatible peripherals. Therefore this figure has to include all peripherals, a monitor, OS, and a wireless networking solution. After reading through many forums (this one has been particularly helpful) over the past month I think I have assembled a decent build and would love your input:


However, if you think you could build something better on the same budget (~$2k) please let me know. I am completely open to ideas/suggestions. 


Thanks guys

can you tell me which is supported more by your programs you use Nvidia or AMD radeon?

If you’re referring to the ChemDraw and SerialCloner, I think either would do equally as well. These are not graphics intense programs. I just figured I’d include them in my description for the sake of thoroughness.


well no I don't imagine they would be but, a lot of programs offer GPU hardware acceleration meaning your CPU and GPU will work in tandom together, since it would be a pain to find out I'm just going to put an Nvidia card since they are gennerally the most supported

you'll need to remove the red portion on the ram heatsinks on some of the ram sticks to fit underneath the CPU heatsink.

it has a 3930K which has 6 cores and 12 threads, a 680 which is great for gaming and rendering, 32GB of 2400Mhz of qaud channel ram and can fit 32 more if you so choose, dual band wifi at 300Mbps, Asus high contrast ratio 1080p monitor.

prepared to be purified evil one

Went a little bit over budget, hope you don't mind.

Threw this together fairly quickly.

This is my personal build and peripherals. I know i spoiled money on the case, but i just really REALLY wanted it. Trust me, this thing is a beast.

On the more practical side, i would likely build this for around $2000.


I would get a 3820 and 7950 over a 670 and 3570k. Better multi-GPU support, more power chipset, more RAM options (up to 64GB), and a CPU upgrade path.

Thanks for the input so far guys. The commonality between the builds seems to be an improved CPU at the expense of memory and storage (relative to my original build). I’ll definitely take this into consideration. 

The most important parts of a first build by a long way is the comfortable components. A big and clean desk, a nice pair of quality visual monitors, a good pair of FRFR speakers and a very comfy computer chair.


Who cares if your games are 10 frames per second faster by focusing only on computational speed when you're sitting on a poorly padded $30 walmart chair that gets uncomfortable after a while whtih your mouse on a cramped desk with one monitor with bad viewing angles.


Screw speed for build 1. A lower midrange cpu and gpu are far more than required now to play all the emulators and games tricked out.