Yet another AMD vs Intel thread

I am building a new PC since my old LGA 775 system really needs to be retired. I was going to go Intel but ever since Logan did his 8350 vs 3570k video and ReviewTechUSA did his AMD vs Intel video rendering test, I've been on the fence about which way to go and need opinions. I already plan to get either an ROG or Sabertooth board regardless of which processor I choose and I know I will be using an Nvidia GPU for the cuda cores. Is there any true deciding factor other than cost? I'm concerned more about productivity than anything.

Well if you can wait a few days, Linus should have his tests up, and i think Logan Said theyre doing some more, until then id suggest finding as many reviews you can and read all of them. 

Getting a General idea will be a lot more ideal then a few reviews IMO.

I would get the FX6300. Really cheap AMD 6-core "Piledriver" performs just as great as the i5-3570K in pure gaming benchmarks. Throw some more in the GPU or SSD.

Ask yourself... Would you pay more while there is an alternative that offers similar performance for less money?

AMD CPU and GPU's(ATI) are viable and very good, great performance for a buck and great quality also. Yea they use more power, you can still save up some money in the long run if the eletricity is cheap in your country depending where you live. If you have a tight budget AMD is the way to go but if you best possible fps and other crap then go Intel path and hurt your wallet big time. Your wallet will get a smackdown by Intel and Nvidia.

Go AMD and save up some money, you can get a better gpu or donate money to starving african babies...

Although AMD(ATI) cards perform well the OP stated he wanted cuda for rendering.  Personally it is about your needs and what you are going to use it for.  Neither cpu dominates the other, they are both good cpus.


Regardless of which route to go I'd probably wait a month or two for Haswell/IvyE release to further drive prices down.

Productivity is an issue? How much money to spend?

Slightly budget oriented:

Not really budget oriented, but a fair bit faster: (This is a render beast)

INTEL Vs AMD has always been a pretty hot topic. Drives me crazy when someone makes the bold statement of one chip being so much better than the other. After finding this site, and seeing the videos, I became a fan and a member. The guy that does the video has the same outlook as I do. I don't care what brand name my cpu is, I want the best value for my dollar. 

I dont want benchmark results, I want real world results. 

I took the gamble on the AMD for my new build. I have always used AMD and was thinking I may build a INTEL for a change. My logic with another AMD build is they seem to keep there socket set the same, while INTEL tends to change the socket set allot. So I HOPE with AMD when I upgrade my cpu again, I can just put in the new CPU without changing the motherboard. 

Problem is you can never tell the future. Past history shows AMD being the better long term investment. That could always change in the future  and INTEL may be the better long term investment. So its kinda of a educated guess/gamble. Which chip will be the better long term investment. 

I always tell people to research as much as possible, then make the choice that works best for you. Both INTEL and AMD offer nice cpu's. There is no clear cut winner. IMHO, at this stage of the game, you will never notice a real world diffrence preformance wise in the two cpu's.