Yes Wendel, you are voice acting

And if Logan wants to, he has to audition as well. We have Gassymexican (1.2M subs) as a voice actor and even he had to audition.. We have fully professional voice actors who also have to audition. No matter who you are, how big you are or how much of a fan I am, we can give no special treatment (sorry).

Another step btw is skype. Every voice actor gets added to skype so that I can keep in contact easily (90 voice actors, 50 SQ filter staff and 30 people from my work on there.. It is where I keep things organized).

 So, again Logan, here are your lines: 

Marsus Tullius (Imperial Trader)

"Thanks for your help. I Don't know what I would have done without this shipment. Would have taken quite a loss. Make sure you visit my father, Stentus Tullius, in Tel Aruhn. I'll make sure to send word ahead about what a help you were to me. I'm sure he'll reward you well"

Also, I made another INBOX.EXE thread talking about needing your music for my rhythm game Logan! :D would be cool to discuss that too. 


No excuses, Logan. Make it so.

lol okay sounds good, just let me know when/where/lines/etc thanks 

Logan should get a singing part I found him singing on youtube. He is really good.

Got a link to that?