Yes Man

Ok so i just saw Yes Man, and i think the story actually makes scence like people think its jsut s stupid comedy but i found that saying yes to things (not everything) does make your life better and helps you, because im one of those people who is up for everything ae


It does, kinda. The movie shows that you gotta chill out sometime and just 'go with the flow'.
That's how you avoid getting bored lol and it can result in fun stuff.
but you still have to draw the line however, like saying yes to the homeless guy is something I wouldn't do imo..
Not because I'm selfish, but because I wouldn't trust a stranger just like that.

I think that I am sick of reading "sence" instead of sense. and "ae".. :]

Good movie.

@ furio911 yea lol hgaha you worded your comment way better than mine haha i got lost with what i was trying to say halfway through!!!

@ GreenSLi, Its jsut the way i talk the (ae) is sort of like the Canadian (aye) but in New Zealand everybody says it sorry if it pisses you off and my lack of good grammer but thats who i am ae...

             WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME lol                                                                                                                                                                               and i dont know i'm honest with things if i dont wanna do it i dont its simple do the things you want and the things you dont want to dont do them... unless its like charity or something

lololol @ pic

Yea haha, i did that today at school and ended up stripping half of my left eyebrow off FCUK now i look diff az

The ae does get a little irritating. Lol.

@Killgroup haha ill try and stop it buts its werid because thats the way i speak **