Yes, after PC, the PS4 dominates Xbone. But there is something to concider if you get a PS4. (better stick to PC)

There you go guys:

Nothing? Is this like, sarcasm?

No. There is a video link, can't you see it?


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Yeah, for some reason video links aren't working. Here's the video he tried to post (hopefully it works for me):

I don't really see what the big deal is though. Less than $5 per month for online play ($50 per year). That's not exactly breaking my wallet anytime soon, and I was already paying $60 per year for Xbox Live anyway. Hopefully charging for their online service will allow for better servers. I don't really see this as a huge problem though.

Not to mention that you get free games and discounts with PS+. Totally worth it, imo.

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lol, thank you. It is not about the charge itself, but that you pay for it is nonesense. It should be free, it's like you've bought a burger, and you have to pay for the meat 10 bucks more per month to get it with meat. They have done everything right besides of that. Which is sad. They nearly did everything right, now they are going to piss of people with this little thing, it is going to hurt theyr brand. And people will have a little bad aftertaste in theyr experience. (though with XBOX microsoft pours acid in your mouth, PS4 would have been the good guy compared to XBOX, now there is still that bad thing)

Meh, like I said, I really don't see it as a problem. Since the PS4 is its own platform that isn't nearly as open source based as PC's are, Sony is going to have to pay for their servers somehow, and if I get some free games in the process then I really don't mind.

I also finally found a job that I can support myself pretty comfortably with too, so that might be another reason why I'm pretty nonchalant about it.

How does that work? Why has sony to pay for theyr servers, compared to PC gaming? Arent the publishers offering the servers?

For PC gaming, anyone who wants to can open a server. That's not exactly the case for a closed console platform.

Should be free, sure, but as it is PS3 multiplayer is sort of spotty, at least in the us since it works on P2P, and that's probably where the fee comes in, since Xbx Live has more servers and a generally better online service for MP, and Sony is just doing this thing. But hey at least you can still use Netflix without paying for PSN+ and most F2P games as well.

I've known about this pretty much since the press conference, it was kind of snuck in there, but still, I really don't see it as such a huge deal, it'll be less than $5 a month, afaik PSN+ in the US atm is $4.19. Tbh I was going to get a Vita soon anyway and at that time I would be getting a PSN+ sub regardless. It's pretty good value, and I hope it stays that way, hopefully you'll get some Gaikai functionality as well.

But yeah, I'll call them out on it if it actually turns out to be horrible, I just hope the money they make of this goes toward improving MP(for those interested in that). and generally improving the service.

I get what you mean. Anyways, it should be free, because it was always free. And it is like the burger thing. Someone who has not that much money could get really frustruated and sad. I concider this from microsoft, no expect this from microsoft. (They have even topped my expectations on how much they want to squeeze you out, and how much they want to control you) But PlayStation is a standard. And they are starting to break that standard with this infront of theyr costumers. Yes, I am glad that it won't hurt you (if the price is not something ridicioulus like 60 bucks, hell my internet connection doesn't even cost that much?!), but it will hurt a lot of people who buy sony, because they expect no nonesense, they expect what they have payed for. Sony is a standard, and they are downgrading themself with this.

I hope so they do. They even apologized, I like that. (in a positive way)

I am just so glad I have a rig. I haven't had a console since PS1, and I am glad I don't have a console. Anyways, I think it will hold off sales, and they want you to familierize you with that for the future, which is bad. There are people who don't care about a shiny white XBOX, but a rocksolid Sony, who have never touched XBOX. Now they will maybe see it as the same nonesense. Which is sad, they've made a good job. I just hope it was necessary to make the experience better, to make gaming better.

The way I see it, if you can't afford $4.19 per month then you probably can't afford to buy a PS4 in the first place. And if you're really worried about the cost of online play, then just save up some money and build a PC.

Long story short it should be free but its not and I'm not too upset about it. If I had a PC already built I would game on that but, I don't so its PS4 for me.

TBH, the argument agains the Xbox or Xbox 360 because of the $60 per year charge for xbox live was always kind of a weak argument that Playstation fanboys clung to just to bash Microsoft.

But it is a good argument, isn't it? 7X60= 420. Wait? Isn't that the money I could've spended on my new console, or seven other games? I think it hurts people.


didn't you want to build a rig? What happened with that?

$420 in 7 years isn't that much money.

for some it is. But it is not primarily the money, others can afford it ofcourse. It is the ethical thing.