Year of 2015

living on 2015 and i want to change from Windows to linux, whats the most up to date Os if i want keep my dignity of being a part in this future world?

You should change the title to include linux or something.

Anyways if you want bleeding edge then try out arch distros. Either arch or Manjaro, which is easier or arch based. If you want an up to date distro with LTS use Ubuntu 15.04. If you want to be up to date under your own power use something like Sabayon.

i want to have a cutting edge distro for personal everyday use

I can recommend manjaro, It's a rolling release so it's always updated and it's easy to install new kernels and drivers with it's built in tools.

if i say i installed manjaro would the linux community laugh?should i install gentoo instead :D?

XD Shut up, seriously. If you want to shake your butt at the asshole hipsters go ahead, but you do you, don't do someone elses thing that will end up inconvenient.

no, i just want a way to go linux distro of our times

what about mint?

Mint is another good solution, I personally have never used Mint but from what I have heard its really good.

There is no one-size-fits-all. There is no "THE DISTRO". Just grab the one that sounds the most interesting to you and (most importantly) start learning. Most likely you will end up either not caring about your distro anymore or you will see, that there are better choices and that you can make an educated decision next time.

The journey is the reward.

Have fun!

just started!! Cannot boot into installation from the Non-free dirvers on Manjaro. Rest of the options are okie. I have an ati radeon dont know if thats related for the problem