Yeahhh 3 fresh intel security holes

In what seems a never ending saga of speed versus safety at Intel cpu design.


And there is another hole in the system management BS… who would have thought…

Honestly, does anyone actually want those things apart from three letter agencies?

Oh, so that’s why the 10nm chips have been in limbo :thinking:

All it will take is a couple more of these and intels name will be mud in the data centre

and as intel falls, amd will rise :smiley:

AMD will soon have epycly ryzen.


This is why my next system HAS to be Threadripper.

and my Brother’s next system is a Ryzen 5 2600.

Perhaps that was the goal to begin with. Some gov cash to easy to say no to?

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I actually really like what AMD has done. They have not ever outright intended to beat intel even if they unintentionally have in some or most cases depending on the environment. They literally designed for the sake of design of the use case. Which is a great deal more then what the other santa clara chip maker has been doing.

We are probably going to see something like what has happened with nvidia as they pushed serial performance over the design preference that GPUs are intended to do. That being said I will hedge a bit of money on AMD for a while. They are doing great

That being said just like nvidia is better at the gaming world… I feel that Intel will still be the king of the hill when it comes to serial performance.

Totally off topic… anyways security holes… theres probably thousands still


According to the RHEL video, disabling HT might be necessary for some hypervisors. Ouch.

are the trying to give some Epyc market share away in the server market or they just didn’t have a clue when sandy was created and just thought no one wil know just keep trucking on. :see_no_evil:

Intels Video on the matter:

Ubuntu’s announcement:

category pin for a week

Nope. That’s performance and yield related.

I know, bad joke

I figured, but people have made that claim before so just wanted to point it out in case.

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The hyperthreading bit is really scary. That’s potentially a lot of lost performance. Our infra guys are testing it out now, still very early.

I’ve Just about F’in had it with Intel.

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Yeah, it really is. We’re looking at nearly doubled costs for all of our CPU compute. :frowning:


And then that’s when your company gives me all that tech for free when they replace it with something more efficient. :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::wink::wink::wink:

Okay, if you wanna pay for the AWS instances, that’s fine by me.

Until we grow large enough to justify the cost of hiring 4 datacenter techs, we decided to shut down our datacenter.