Yea... i messed up. my phone does not have a keyboard

So i have a verizon htc one m7, and i have rooted it. (i followed a youtube video, i really had no idea what i was doing). So the problem is i restored my phone and i removed some of the sense features, including the keyboard. So now i am unable to type anything on my phone. I could really use some help because i have no idea on what to do.



not having a working phone kinda sucks


oh and i tried to figure out how to do a complete restore from the computer but with the verizon phones on the xda forums they didnt have a .exe utility to un root and restore the phone.  

the ruu is the restore thing that i was having trouble with the Verizon version 

whait , did you deactivate it in the settings of the phone , or did you not install it at all ?

i think i deleted the htc keyboard because i was using swiftkey, but it is nowhere to be found on the phone.


download the apk for google keyboard on your computer, then transfer it to your phone and install it

where do i put it on the phone?

I usually put things like that in sdcard/Download. You should have a similar path even though your m7 doesn't have a sdcard, I do and I have a Nexus 5.

yea i tried puting it into the downloads folder but it is not visible on the phone (the file)

oh i used a tool called mobilego to install the keyboard. Does anyone know how i can un root the phone and get it back to how it was out of the box or just how to update the phone to android 4.4 because hot the phone is i cant update it with the htc updater.

Are you using some sort of file manager to look for it like "Astro File Manager" or "File Manager (Explorer)"?

Well it depends how to rooted it, did you use some sort of autoroot tool, or did you do it manually?

oh yea and on sense 6 you can disable the blink feed thing

i followed this video 

I don't really know how to help you unroot, but to point you in the right direction, you may have more luck finding answers on this forum:

If i was in your position I'd just flash it with a custom ROM with the latest android version but it does take alot of learning and research to do it with confidence, I can't stand HTC or Samsung's bloated Android software

If you really want to return to sense 6 I found this:

yea i hated the bloat ware that i couldn't remove so that's why i rooted my phone, but then i realized that i couldn't automatically update my phone. :(


Thanks for the help guys at least my phone can be used as more than a paper weight now.

yea this is what i wanted to do but the verizon ruu is really weird and i cant find anything about it


I don't know, but I think learning how to use ADB might help.