Yay! XCP-ng (XenServer) usable on Threadripper... huzzah!

Hey all -

I noticed that Amazon was taking a while to ship my order for the i9-9920X so I thought I’d see if I could get my spare 1950X/ROG Zenith Extreme box to boot the SSD from which I had upgraded XenServer to XCP-ng v7.6.

I’ve always found the ROG UEFI to act a bit strange in the department of detected bootable media, i.e. I had to run the ‘Upgrade’ from the USB installed until the bootable nature of the SSD was detected under the Asus BOOT tab.

However, after that point and re-mapping the network interface to the onboard 1G NIC – boom, VMs boot and run fine, and really quick too!

I’m now waiting on my order of 2x Intel X550-T2 NICs as that would be the next step before relying on this for further work.

What’s also nice is that I have my Fedora workstation build sitting on a nVME stick in the Asus DIMM.2 slot – so I can always reboot into ‘workstation’ mode for any linux work. Sure, that takes the “server” offline, but hey it’s an option!