Yay new amd drivers.... or not

I am a avid fan of BF4 so these last few AMD driver updates have been important for potential performance increases. Though when installing 14.2 or the latest 14.3 drivers (after uninstalling catalyst, cleaning drivers in safe mode) and i restart the computer after installation windows boots up and the screen comes on for 1/4th of a second and then goes black, the display is still on but its just black, my second display stays orange from the loading of windows. Surley its not because its "beta drivers" i have googled this out the ass and have yet to find one person having a issue installing these new drivers.


Currently im using 14.1 and it had the same issue but somehow i was able to bypass this "glitch" by chance.


Please any assistance is very much appriciated

Why do you do it in safe mode? I just do it normally and it works just fine.

I was always told that proper procedure was to clean drivers in safe mode.


I also tested the 14.3 drivers before restarting my computer and BF4 performed better and also didnt have the glitch where selecting options leads to a crash. The problem is getting the drivers installed and making it so I can actually use my PC afterwards.

So right after you uninstalled the previous drivers you installed and booted a game with 14.3 without restarting? Or, I'm just reading that wrong? Can you try a driver bios, that is if the R9 280x has a dual bios switch? Or, maybe get a cheap HDD you happen to have lying around to try out with a fresh Windows OS?

Ok. I seemed to have resolved this issue. After doing a system restore i just cleaned the drivers, no uninstall, then installed the new drivers. It works.

well the drivers are still beta, so i will still stay on the 13.12 drivers ☺

let me know what your improvements are so far.

We'll as far as I'm aware 14.3 still lacks 280x optimization in terms of BF4. Though compared to 14.1 stuttering with mantle has seemed to disappear completely and the issue where your FPS would drop to 30 due to a lack of triple buffering is now gone.


i spent most of my time just enjoying the game since I haven't been able to properly do so hue last few months but I did a quick FPS test on the test range and I was getting 5-7 FPS more with mantle.

sounds good sofar ☺