Yay more issues

So today i got a new case and i transfered everything into it no problem. i was just browsing the internet when my screen went black. my keyboard and mouse were still lit. I didnt know waht was wrong so i tried pressing the restart button the the mobo but nothing happened not even a number on the debug. I turned the psu on and off the tried to start my computer. Absolutly nothing happened not post no beeps no lights, fans, nothing. I left it alone for around 5 minutes then tried starting it and everything lit up and spun up but then it just went strait off and it went on and off again about 3 times untill it just ceised working all togeather again. I took the battery out of the motherboard and put it back in but that did not help anything. The problem is repeatable. I  leave it alon for a while and it does taht weard on off thing when i try to boot it then if i try to boot it again withing 5 mins or so it will not respond at all.







 my theory is a bad psu 

Try reseating your cpu, I know when I had that problem it was the cpu wasn't properly seated


tried that same problem

Try reseating your RAM.

I do think it's a bad PSU; Raidmax power supplies are junk.

nobody has ever said anything good about raidmax PSU. prob psu.

I unpluged it over night and now it is running fine. although when i first booted it i got the message that the bios was reset to default settings

That's because you removed the CMOS battery off the motherboard.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's the power supply

Sounds like it. I thought all gtx series cards beginning from the 6xx series needed at least 60 amps on rail supplying power to gpu? Not sure how this would affect PC on idle but my guess is voltage is dropping too low with no load.