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Yakuza games finally on PC


Sega have decided to finally publish their Yakuza games on PC. Not all of them, though, but I am absolutely fine with Yakuza 0. The game had fairly positive reviews from people, who’s reviews I care about, and it’s Yakuza game. You beat people up with bicycles and road signs while teaching Mistress how to be more dominant with her clients.


Damn its about time!
Next is Persona! Come on!!




I love Yakuza and Persona series. Yakuza was my first… I don’t even know what to call it? Semi GTA RPG Mafia game? Was beautiful on PS2.

Started with Persona5 and worked backwards :grin: Those and Final Fantasy really do it for me. My wife even enjoyed Persona 5 lol.


and yakuza kiwami


I think Monster Hunter World is coming to PC as well eventually for those that are interested.