Yahoo article about Snowden leak consequences

In reading this Yahoo article (link below), our security people are having a tougher time tracking terrorist lone wolfs and groups who plot attacks against civilians.

This is inevitable blowback from the Snowden leaks. I suppose he could care less, but in making the general public more aware of the inner workings of the NSA, he also helped these murderous savages.

Yahoo article -

During his employment he definetly helped the NSA, but saying he helped IS after reveling the workings of NSA seems far fetched, Are we responsible for other peoples actions now aswell?

I'm not buying any of that. Any serious criminal or terrorist was already taking precautions against surveillance prior to 9/11.

Sounds like the US looking for yet another reason to make Snowden look like the bad guy and themselves as the defenders of all that's good. Also probably gearing up to say that this justifies mass surveillance.

The worst part is that a lot of people are going to fall for it.


Snowden unleashed his discoveries on the world, to the public, to career climbers in major press organizations who gladly sacrificed national security interests just so they can score screaming headlines for months on end.

No doubt IS may have already operated on general assumptions about which forms of communication were safe or not, but they obviously use social media to push their propaganda and they're susceptible as any rag-tag group to making mistakes that reveal intents or plans that could potentially be found through diligent detective work using sophisticated monitoring methods.

Enter Snowden. He certainly provided info that gave everyone a deeper understanding of how much intel was being collected and how it could be used to track down evildoers - on top of it being possibly invasive of a law-abiding citizen's legitimate right to privacy.

I remember the 9-11 report stated outright that the chatter among conspirators was a known fact that was caught by US and international monitoring services. It was simply a matter of not having the creativity (or too much bureaucracy or whatever) to connect the dots that the attacks were successful. Today such intel would be much harder to scrape together given the advanced encryption methods that are available to any Tom Dick and Jane with half a brain to employ. That of course increases the likelihood of a successful attack and the needless deaths of Tom Dick and Jane.

Oh whatever.

People could talk in secrecy for fucking millenia before encryption even existed and it didn't make the world some sort of horrible ungovernable place.

Use some fucking detective work and let people have what little privacy is left so we can shit in peace.

If you're worried about what radical Islam is capable of imagine what radical US patriotism is capable of with a government that knows your every move.


The Tsarnaev brothers (the ones responsible for the attack at the Boston Marathon) were known to the intelligence community.
The Russian FSB even warned the FBI about the elder brother on 2 separate occasions, saying that he was in contact with violent radical extremists.
After investigating, the FBI found no links to terror groups and closed the investigation.

Eventually he was put on the watchlist a second time, but managed to re-enter the US after terror training in Dagestan because someone misspelled their name on the security bulletin.

Source : Reuters
Source 2 : NBC

They had all the info they needed, but completely failed to follow up on it and made a massive cock-up in the process too. That was in 2011, by the way, so before Snowden.

On to Paris, early this year :

The Kouach brothers that performed the raid on Charlie Hebdo were known to the French authorities. One of them had already done time for being involved with the smuggling of fighters to Iraq.
The magazine had been threatened multiple times already and had been the target of attacks before.

source : sputnik news
pretty sure I can find a Reuters or similar article too, this one was just the first that popped up.

Again, the authorities had all the info they needed to put close surveillance on the suspects, but they didn't do that.

On to November, again Paris :

After the attacks, the link to Belgium was quickly made due to a rental car with Belgian plates being found at the scene. Some of the suspects were known to the intelligence community here. One of them was the brother of a Syria fighter.
This lead to several searches in the city of Molenbeek near Brussels, where a high concentration of immigrants lives and is a known troublespot.

The Belgian intelligence community managed to prevent an attack earlier this year, but is well known for not doing enough, making the country a perfect place for jihadis.

Source : De Redactie (link is to the English section despite the main language being Dutch)
Article with more info regarding the issues there

Yet again, the authorities had enough info to put close surveillance on some of the suspects, but they didn't do that.

It's never about terrorists using complicated methods or encryption, but always about the intelligence communities not doing enough to connect the dots and start monitoring people.
Snowden is not responsible for the intelligence communities' incompetence.

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"Kennedy would STILL be alive if it wernt fer Snowden!"

Everyone seems to forget exactly what snowden leaked... The real world equivalent to the government reading all your mail and storing copies of it. If real mail was subjected to the same surveillance as our email I think people wouldn't be so damn content with allowing the government to do so.

Okay not leaving much for discussion here from what i understand, but okay just for the sake of it, Lets say i agree with collecting and mining the crap of the entire world, when do we stop if we allow that kind of government? So imagine a facebook wall with your entire life and you cant do anything to change that, what kind of society would that be? are you seriously saying that is the way to go?

When we speak of police doing police work in 2015 the computer is central on both ends.

It would be colossally remiss of police not to employ monitoring services across the whole spectra of digital technologies because that's the new field of operations for criminals in our age and going forward. Is that too obvious ?

So, yeah, when police and national agencies deploy spying tools they are using one of the most important tools of their day. You can't define detective work without it. Cyberspace does not have any special privileges against such legal oversight because paranoia is fun to feel and keeps you warm at night. And then you look at all the ludicrously advanced encryption tools available to any person with a decent FICA score for a few dollars a month. This is absurd !!

Snowden may have done good but he did so much more wrong. He's pathetically naive, too innocent, and too baked with the popular paranoia of the times.

He is a man that stud up for his convictions, it’s obvious he knew he would suffer for it and possibly die. I don’t think there is one word in any language that can correctly/completely define this man, very inspirational and true American comes to mind.

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