XYZprinting daVinci 1.0 3D Printer?

Saw the XYZprinting daVinci 1.0 3D Printer  for $400 USD shipped on NewEgg and wonder if it was worth a damn for printing parts. I looked a few videos, 1 guy used it to print a plug in socket for his electric car but, i wonder if it could be used to print parts, weather it be for your car or your laptop. Or will the plastic used to print be too weak and separate where the layers meet after some time?

I'm no expert in the topic but since I'm an architecture student I've delved a bit in the matter. 

The 3d printing is still a matter of trial and error situation, meaning that you have to experiment a lot before you can achieve a good result. For example the quality of the print can be greatly affected by the room temp (ex. air-conditioner on).

If you have the time and money to invest in 3d printing then you can give it a try (400 $ seams a good price). Generally if you can find the right calibrations for what you want to create (each model is different)  then the durability of the model is good enough (not for extreme situations). For example they print brackets parts for other 3d printers with PLA.

my only suggestion is to look if the 3d printer has a heated bed since it will help the model to stay on the surface and not cool too quickly.

I hope that I helped in a way to make a decision.

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yeah the XYZ has a heated bed. my only hangup is i haven't seen any printer with over 8x8x8 work area. it would be awesome to print out stuff like laptop parts.

There are a few that sport a 12x12x12 bed.

I think the XYZ has a special material you have to buy from them. I think there is a mod around that though. Just FYI.

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You install the modded unofficial pretterrier firmware, it rectifies just about every single last con and downside to the XYZ and improved print quality and open up software control. It has only a 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8" heated bed though.

you talking $400 USD vs $2200 USD though for a few inches more though : / Unless that does more than few hundred microns as as havinga 12x12 bed.

As the only person on this forum with an XYZ Da Vinci, Ill give you the run down.

Value? high. Very good value for your money considering your getting a fully enclosed printer with a heated bed. It only supports ABS, So no PLA as the heat sink isnt good enough to keep the plast cool in the feeder. You can however replace the whole hot end setup with a e3d v6 which will do pla.

But heres thing thing. Even though it has amazing value for the price, Its still a cheap printer. The plastic XYZ sells is crap, You have to flash repetier to use different filament and temperatures dont stay consistent. And there are a number of fixes you have to make before even doing any decent prints. Fixing the tension on the belts, Fixing the wobble on the build plate, fixing the glass plate in place on the build plate, replace the connector for the hot end as it fails and is a known fire hazard.

There are a list of fixes to do and well from my experience, You will never get ultimaker 2 quality prints out of it.

Its a great starting point for sure but its too cheaply built to be more than an entry level hobbyist toy. But then again there isnt anything better in the price range until you hit about $800

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Do you ever think there will be any thing a poor man working 9-5 could afford in the next few capable of decent prints with a bed big enough to print stuff at like 16x16x16? it sure would be cool to print stuff like laptop cases and frames and various car parts. (i'm sure stuff like trimming and sanding and polishing might be required)

When your getting up to that size, you ether have to spend a lot of money or build your own. I would recommend a delta style printer, built from scratch with a custom made print bed because heated print beds dont come at that size. You will have to ether wire up a number of them in parallel and put a larger glass bed over them or build your own bed from scratch.

As a poor man myself, your only real options are one of the poor man printers like the da vinci, poor mans kitset, like an i3 reprap or design and print your own.

I hope to build my own down the track. Delta style with a 25 diameter bed featuring an e3d kraken quad head hotend printing with different levels of quality and disolvable supports

I havent worked out the logistics of that though as the kraken is watercooled and more weight on the delta can cause problems at higher speeds. Though delta's manage 500m/s easilly compared to say a davinci which I wouldnt go above 60m/s without repetier or the ultimaker than can mange 200m/s

what is "m/s"?