Xubuntu thunar emblems issue

Hello, I recently installed xubuntu on my laptop for school use, and managed to install Office 2010, set up backup over local network and customized the xfce environment to my liking! very neat and rather straight forward.

However I have run into issues with Thunar, specifically Adding/Removing emblems on folders, this after trying to add a emblem to the icon pack i'm currently using.

Here is what I did to break it.
I downloaded a .png picture and converted it with Incscape to .svg, the .svg was then placed in the icon pack folder, afterwards I recreated the icon-theme.cache with the command:
sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/"foldername"/

Now I can see the added Emblem when trying to change it however as soon as I try to select it it unselects, with the following error message:
Failed to set metadata: Setting attribute metadata::emblems not supported

I have tried the following:
Checked permissions I have read/Write so does others.
switched themes and icon pack with no success.
reinstalled Thunar from ubuntu software center.

Has anyone had similar issues or know a solution that might enable me to fix this? As a last resort I can install nautilus but I really like the responsiveness and the way thunar works besides the emblem issue,

Help I greatly appreciated!

This Article may be of help to you.It seems like it's getting thrown off by your GVFS (network shares) settings. Your GVFS functionality probably isn't working 100% properly and Thunar isn't happy about it.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I'm not too familiar with Thunar or xubuntu.

Sorry for late response factorio happened, and days went by... omg. well I think you have a good point here because I stumbled upon it today, that I can change emblems inside a network shared folder. I totally think you gave me a good pointer where to continue troubleshooting! Thank you!