Xtrac Ripper

Is this the best mouse pad for around $15?

I have personally gone from a cheapo mouse pad to a steelseries Qck and I have to say that the difference wasn't too phenominal. I got a hands on for several other mouse pads while I was in the store (inclusing some by Razor) and I liked the Qck the best. It is definitely an upgrade, but I highly doubt that the difference between high quality mouse pads will be all that much. I say try a local shop (just to make returns easier) and try out whatever they have for yourself.


Always remember that the most important thing is that you are happy with it yourself. Mouse pads don't really have benchmarks or anything like that to determine which is definitively "better". Get what you like best and be happy.

I have an XTRAC Ripper XXL and it's great; fantastic for the price.

If brennan has it it's good enough for me :) im sure it will  beat paper :)))))))))))

I love you.