xRDP into Pop OS

Hi All,

Longtime windows user transitioning to linux on my daily driver. I do a lot of RDPing into my windows desktop for work. I found xrdp with a google search and it’s OK but I need to be logged out on my remote Pop OS machine before I’m able to log into it remotely.

Is there a way around this?

To be clear, I want to be able to RDP into my pop OS machinme from a Windows workstation without logging out of my pop os machine beforehand.


Use VNC?

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The problem that I have with VNC is that it’s slow and you need to disable encryption to get it to work on any windows VNC clients

Chrome Remote Desktop? Haven’t tried it on Linux yet, but it worked well under Windows.
Teamviewer might be an option too.

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X2Go ?

Does X2Go let you take over an active session?

In some sense… You must test.