XPS 9360 Coil Whine - Linux Realtek HD Audio Driver

I have a Dell XPS 9360 (i7 8550u, 16GB, 512NVMe) and I have coil whine under fedora (27). It seems the whine is coming from the speakers. I believe that the issue is fixed under the newest Realtek HD Audio driver for windows, but the issue is not resolved under linux. Does anyone know when a driver will be merged into the kernel, or has it been already? I am running kernel 4.13.16-302 (I don’t know how to update the kernel).

Fedora released kernel 4.14.3 yesterday. just run sudo dnf update and it will pull down all your updates. (including the kernel)

As far as the driver goes, I’m not aware of the status of a fix.

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Thanks, I updated. Doesn’t appear to be fixed though. Seems a BIOS update did more.