XPEnology ? Good NAS OS?

Hi , what do you guys think of Xpenology. Since xpenology is using the Open Source code from synology, its kinda okay. I use a drobo 5n now, but i want a low power server / 2ndary storage device as well. Is Xpenology good? whats your opinion of it?

All the other server/NAS Os’s are not super utilitarian & user friendly at the same time.

Main site: http://xpenology.me/
Simplified site : http://xpenology.org/

Also, whats your opinion of Ubuntu Studio and how does it compare to Mac OS for creative people?

If you’re going for turnkey NAS solution, I’d go FreeNAS.

I don’t have experience with xpenology, so I can’t comment on it in depth, but It seems solid enough.

Ubuntu Studio is just a spin of Ubuntu, so it’s going to be a solid distro. How it compares to Mac OS will depend on what you’re trying to do, specifically. If you can tell me what tools you’re trying to use, tasks you’re trying to complete or what problems you’re trying to solve, I can give you a bit more insight.


I did use it for a couple of years up til when Sysnology 6 was released and didn’t have any issues with the v5.5 versions I used. I briefly used the actual Sysnology v6 OS which has been patched to run on non-Sys hardware but certainly the previous XPE v5.5 was very solid. XPE 6.0 will happen eventually but how will that take I don’t know.

I’ve still got the Intel Core2Quad based system tucked away but I just decided I wanted a real NAS and bought a QNAP as it was basically plug n play with lots of features and all updated automatically. Plus it uses quite a bit less power and I can leave it in standby 24/7 more easily. Obviously it was not a cheap option like the Xpenology cobbled from reduntant kit I had before.

The simplified XPE install and interface was appealing though I’ve used FreeNAS, UnRAID and similar before also without issue.

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