XP is messing my system up

ok, so after I install XP, to dual boot with Vista 64 bit, it installs to the HDD fine and all, reboot to go to GUI install, BAM nothing, it goes through post, then to where it says press .. key to boot to cd, I press nothing so it will go ahead to boot from HDD, and it does nothing, I get wierd freaky symbols on my screen...

I am lead to think it is a BIOS problem or something, because the only thing I have changed in the past 6 months, winch was a month ago was getting a new mobo and CPU,

Vista installs and works great, but I cannot dual boot with XP, I have XP home, pro, pro corp, and pro 64 bit, none work.......

Why is it doing this, I reinstalled the Vista boot loader so I could use my OS again, but I cannot get XP past the text mode and reboot phase, I NEVER get to the GUI install mode... the disk work on other things, computers, virtual PC, just not to dual boot, but then again, I have never tried single booting XP oin this board either....

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ ~ 2.7 GHZ stable


6 GB ram, 4 GB OCZ SLI, 2 GB kingston, all 800 MHz

1 TB Seagate Baracuda

Lite-on IDE DVD-+RW

PNY nVidia GeForce 9800GT

thats my specs, I had all of the same hardware before, but running on a nForce 630i with a Core 2 Duo E4500, and I didnt dual boot, but I could rum XP fine on it...

easyBCD? would that work?

Looks like

You need to

prioritize your boot source


Csi miami much? :3


> Lite-on [b][u]IDE[/u][/b]

There's your problems. :D

Why would my CD drive mess up XP but not Vista? hmm

I just thought of something that may work... I have a 160 GB HDD that I took out of my computer right before I put in my 1 TB, I COULD install XP onto it, while the 1 TB is unpluged, then when it is finished, put BOTH in, and use East BCD to right a new boot loader, one problem though... the computer will be confused as hell if it has 2 HDD's in with 2 bootloaders, but it should read the vista one first correct?

lol good plan

Nah it won't get confused; my Packard Hell has an 80GB HDD with XP on it, and a 40GB HDD with Vista on it; and both boot just fine :P

And @PC; what you got against IDE? D: :P

its the HDD. You need correct sata drivers..

ok, now, got both installed, but one problem, BOTH DRIVER HAS THEIR OWN BOOT LOADERS

I have tried using Easy BCD to write a XP one, and tried using it in XP to write a vista one, no-go, it is not working...... I can boot both OS's, but I have to tell it to boot that HDD, winch is annoying, instead of just choosing a OS

and ideas?

Both drives having boot loaders won't do anything. to dual boot, you just have to change the boot order of the drives. Some boards allow you to change the boot order during boot. (instead of having to go into the bios everytime)

The only negative thing that could happen, is that windows will confuse itself and want to load everything from the "C:" if you plugged the 1TB drive into a different SATA port when you installed XP, and XP thinks it should be on C: when the system puts the 1TB as C:.

You should be able to boot from the CD and install XP to the 160GB WITH the 1TB drive installed and running. You just tell the installer to put everything on the 160GB.

the end result should be something like this;

You boot from 1TB drive, you get VISTA, boot from the 160GB drive and get XP, and neither one will care or know the differece.

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