XORG vs Wayland. What is the best Gaming setup?

I have been using Arch endeavorOS for a a year now. with a Nvidia RTX 3060 TI. using XFCE and XORG.

Performance has been pretty good for the most part until recently. I did latest updated with yay aur package manager. which updated nvidia drivers.

Now all of the sudden XORG is horribly laggy after opening too many windows. the solutions for this don’t feel concrete. its a lot of try this. or try that. enable triple buffering etc.

I actually have an AMD 5700G. Some people suggest using AMD APU to drive the desktop and the Nvidia GPU for just the gaming.

I also heard wayland has some nice features over XORG. but Nvidia does not support wayland well.

Steamdeck seems to work well without these issues. IS valve using wayland?

Can i switch between XORG and wayland easily on my distro and try them out?

Any guidance on what the best practice here is for a reliable gaming setup is much appreciated.
I seem to have lots of optionsto resolve this issue.

If you are on nVidia, then the recommendation is to stay with xorg, but the RHEL version of Gnome support the nVidia solution for Wayland. It is not 100% but I would imagine that those fixes have made their way to upstream finally.

Yes, as long as you have both installed (which you more than likely do) then you can switch between X and Wayland at the greeter (logon menu) by selecting the session.