Logan, you mentioned Xonotic a while ago. Actually, it was about 1 year ago...

Remember that game? You said you want the community to hop in on the game because the servers are mostly empty (which they are not - nor they were at the time, by the way :P) and you want to see this game populated.

Well, I checked that game out and, being an old Quake Live player myself and an actual Unreal Tournament 3 die hard, I liked it. Still playing it to date, and it's freaking awesome!

I hopped in on the game the day you mentioned it in the video (it was a The Tek episode IIRC), looked for you and asked "Logan?" in pretty much all the servers that I could find that were populated at the time. You weren't there - later I realised all those populated servers are mostly European, so if you were to join them your LAN card would just leave the room when it'd see the ping.

You just threw that out there "play Xonotic!" and didn't play it yourself anymore, huh? :P

@Logan If you're seeing this, know that I absolutely love the content you put out and highly appreciate your work. Especially the rants @ TheTek :)

Keep up the good work !

there is a Tek syndicate Xonotic sever


Many of the mumble and IRC people people play on it.

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I've seen it. Never actually joined... since I only play on 3~4 servers (which are the only servers that people seem to play on). When those servers are empty, I filter by online players, and TekSyndicate server doesn't show up as having more than 0 players :(

Damn, this game is dying...

come on the mumblle and we will play just ask

but yeah much of the linux fps players have swapped to UT4

Since the TekSyndicate server is so far away from me (I'm in Europe, so meh), the ping is, of course, crap. Can't play with 200+, that's for sure. Looks like I'm gonna have to settle with LX's Overkill, Evil And Colony, The Regulars and Jeff & Julius Ressurection... :P

I really need to give UT4 a try. I thought that since it's pre-alpha (or whatever stage it is in now), it's unplayable. But everyone's talking about it...

it's more than playable, might as well to get in and start learning there are some guys who are straight up insane at it.

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Not to hijack the thread, but the mumble server rejects the password. Certified, recertified, uncertified. It absolutely rejects everything and refuses to connect.

But yes if you can get on there are about 4 - 10 people who will play Xonotic on a regular basis. If you want to brave the ping.

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@Taco_Bell I just installed it. Looks good, for a pre-alpha. Especially the physics. Although I have a feeling things will change dramatically by the time it enters beta...

Oh and there are constant fps spikes. HUGE spikes. 100 fps -> drops to ~43 for a few seconds.


@Fouquin Mumble server? There appears to be no such server in Xonotic.

It's 6:30 AM now. So it's evening / midnight in the US... and the TekSyndicate server is empty. Just a quick note... :P

Mumble server, yes. It always has people in it, since there is a global community. can't guarantee they are active, of course.

Outpost 23 really shows off the game And the mumble is a VIOP service Tek Syndicate has its own server

@Fouquin try it with a different name I will unregister your current name so we can try to fix it

unregistered try again

As I said, there's no server called "Mumble" in Xonotic. Or if there is, it's currently down :)

Mumble isn't a Xonotic server it is a Voice over Internet Protocol service and Teksyndicate has both a Xonotic server and Mumble server.

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I misunderstood your confusion, the Mumble VOIP program has a server that is run by members of the Tek Syndicate community and is normally host to the few Xonotic players that the community has, numbering from 4 to 10. They will often play on the Tek Syndicate Xonotic server.

Edit: Beat by 10 seconds on that reply. :P

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Both servers are official TS servers Wendell and the crew are admins.

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