There is a big group going out to play from Tek Syndicate if anyone wants in join us on the mumble.

Well then the server took a dump...

It's back!

We need to fix the download server for the maps... I have a slew of quake maps and even a UT map or two, but the download server doesn't seem to be working. If anyone is handy with Xonotic servers let me know. For now, everyone can feel free to download the maps here (just drop them in your data directory):


Thanks :3

Frakking awesome game. Anybody know how to save my video settings, for some reason it just won't hold a few of them.  Is there a config file somewhere?

The config files should be saved to C:\Users\YOUR USER ACCOUNT\Saved Games\xonotic

Just downloaded this, fun fun!

what about where to save the Linux config files?

Ooo  its back up? Yeah! Haven't played it in a while can't wait to go back and play it.

It looks like /usr/share/xonotic/data/

ill hop on tonight at work on my 3G connection.......im gonna get pwned ^_^

Thank you, Though I'm using Linux Mint not windows. I did find it in /home/MYUSERNAME/.xonotic/data/config.cfg if anyone else is looking. I looked all over the Xonotic folder, not my home folder. 

the data files should be saved in /usr/share/xonotic/data.

It looks like the config files are save in a hidden folder in the home directory ~/.xonotic/data/ and the maps and everything else are saved in /usr/share/xonotic/data/ that way config files are separated between users.


Oh by the way Logan, the site says in the sidebar over there:

  • Xonotic @

But in the game it says the port is 26000, so it looks like you are missing a zero.

I'll be on the Xonotic Server tonight benchmarking it on My Linux partition on my main rig. I don't think Linux cares im on a 5400RPM drive ^_^. +1 for EXT4 over NTFS.

LOL, yeah that's why I posted the path in case other people are looking because I wrongly assumed it was in the xonotic folder and not in my Home folder. I have Nemo set to show hidden files so once I looked in the right folder, it was right there. Unfortunately, the video settings I was looking for are not in the config file and don't seem to be able to be saved after shutting down the program. It's only shadows and decal settings though, so no big deal. Looking at the defaults, it seems the dev's weren't expecting people with actual gaming hardware to play :)

link is broken is there another one???