Xonar DX

Is the Xonar dx worth keeping over alc 1150?

Hello, i read a lot about subject like this and if you are going with some new motherboard with amp, shield iem protection and stuff, you will be better of your sound card.
Basicaly, because it's a "low end" soundcard and ALC1150 does have better specs.
Even people with high end soundcard just doesn't use it anymore with their new motherboards...
It could be an other story if you had external stuff but it's a question you can't and CERTAINLY don't want to ask. It's like asking question about religions. You can't have an answere.

Can you give me your future motherboard name? And at least, you can try both when you will have both :) But you are certainly asking the question because:
1)You don't want to pay extra for the mobo sound if it's not worth it (but now, even basic mobo got protection)
2)You need money but you have to know, your soundcard is not very expensive :)
3)A friend asked for it but wait until you tried your new mobo first.

Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H. I have not compared the 2 side by side yet. But from what I can remember the Xonar DX drives headphones slightly better. Or the mid's are slightly dialed back on alc 1150, which sounds similar to the Fiio X3's Wolfson dac.