Xinput Controller in Dinput Games

Mostly the story is that I got a 6 button Xinput controller a Horipad EX2 Turbo. It is great for old style games with the three over three button layout on the face. It also excels at being a good emulation controller. It is just most of the games I wish to play with this controller are direct input only software. So I can only use one trigger at a time since both being pressed cancel one another out.

I found XBCD but that eventually messes up my left analog stick given enough time. By messed up I mean it gets a weird pattern of travel in which I cannot hit diagonals. If I try to apply any changes to the pad my system than crashes so this is not a very good solution.

Anyone else have any other ideas. I really love this controllers layout and how it feels when I am using it. It is just the lack of proper drivers that breaks the deal. If anyone can find me a replacement pad that would work as well.