XIM Edge (Mouse/Keyboard Adapter)

Does anyone own a XIM product for Xbox360/PS3?  More specifically a XIM Edge used on a Xbox360, because I am looking forward to investing into this.  Been doing some research and the XIM products seem to get better reviews versus others. 

For $90 plus S&H/Tax I'm just searching for many testimonials and hands on reviews.  Such as the life span, glitches, ease of use, and etc.  Same old pros and cons inquasition but please no comparison to PC, I know it's not the same but I am a gamer with respect to all platforms.


Nerd Rage LBC

I've always wanted to try a XIM and totally own 360 gamers on xbox live, but it's kinda expensive.

hahaha I know how you feel, will let you know if I ever get the XIM Edge.