Xigmatek Talon

Were can you purchase this in the US? I didn't see it on Newegg or anything like that.

They aren't directly marketing them to the US from what I've seen. You could try ordering one from Australia or Europe and having it shipped over here to the US.

It doesnt work, I am getting one from xigmatek directly. I still need to end up paying the with paypal(method they want). Just to warn you Xigmatek is charging $170 usd just for freight shipping the talon and vector platinum psu, and it will total to $355 with both the psu and case half off in exchange for a review.

the Talon would cost $120-140 including $130-170 shipping you might be able to negociate a deal in exchange for a review, but you half to really want it like I do. I might get the Raven RV01 instead since it is cheaper and get a rosewill capstone non modualr gold psu (arguable on par or better than seasonic x series and their rebrands) they have an amazing oem. if you really want it, email them. They replied in 12 hours, thats ridiculously good in terms of asking about something. They replied at 1 am too (taipei is around the globe though). Anyway, im in the same situation you are in, but am unsure I want to shell out $350.


If this is your dream case and are willing to pay for the talon and a vector 700w platinum psu, I can tell them to contact you about buying it instead. $350 is a small price for a dream machine's chassis, but a rip off for a normal gaming rig. It is only worth it if it is your true dream case.

Contact me at [email protected] if you want the talon snd a vector psu from Xigmatek directly in exchange for a review. (please¬†do not abuse it guys)