Xigmatek Stock Paste Any Good?

So is the stock heat paste any good for the Xigmatek Dark Knight II? I saw Logan's results and decided to get it over a water cooler. He used a different heat paste (I think its the tuniq), would I get similar results with the stock heat paste? I'm willing to buy the seperate heat paste for 8 bucks on newegg (artic silver 5) if the difference would justify it.

I'm installing this on a i5-3570k and hoping to overclock to 4.5 ghz, in case this would be a factor.


Im not so sure about the Xigmatek paste, but if your going to buy a different paste get IC diamond or MX-4

Tuniq are good, also EVGA Frostbite.

if you are willing to spend a fair bit, you should totally try Coollaboratory's Liquid Ultra. The stuff is totally liquid metal and, if applied properly, has some pretty awesome thermal conductivity. Otherwise, Arctic Silver MX-5 is amazing, so is anything Shin-Etsu. You can get a tube of Shin-Etsu:


Frostbite is actually pretty bad compared to the rest of the pastes.

When in doubt go for a high quality paste. There is no point in potentially damaging your components over a $15.00 tube of thermal paste. Arctic Silver,Shin-Etsu, and IC diamond are all top quality pastes. I personally would not scrimp on paste anymore than I would scrimp on a power supply. They are just too important in a quality build.  

"i have some tubes here already for a month, just saw the tread here.
Using Ceramique for years now, and some OCZ Freeze also for benching.
For daily use i use normally Coolaboratory ultra and changed it now for Frostbite.

Must say :
against ceramique, damn it's good, get higher OC, better response with LN², better OC under Dice.
Ceramique goes in the garbage can.
Against Ultra (metal paste), it's also better for shure.
On my GTx580 was first Thermaright The chill factor and Ultra, changed it for Frostbite, and vga's are running 6°C cooler now idle and load.
frostbite is my new nr1 here in the house and will not use anything else anymore.

it's really good guys."

-EVGA Frostbite.


I use this stuff on my GTX 480, it runs really cool.

And frostbite is better on air, TEC, watercooling and subzero, because i used and tried them all.
and if a review says it's very bad TIM, then they are full of bull****, used it wrong, 
or just trying to break it down because they don't get samples from evga for review (as i know evga doesn't send quickly samples out for that)

And i get lowest temps with the Frostbite actually, while Ultra is also not bad but Frostbite just goes down 1 or 2°C then that,
while with the rest the difference is bigger.

I have Duo core, quad core, SD 2600K @ 5520Mhz, SR-2 setup, GTX580 Classified vga's, all kind of vga's for benching, so i have also a lot of hardware to use and test it on while benching or running as 24/7 rig.

I just saw 1 review where it was called very bad, while i just read other reviews where they say it's very good.
(just googled for reviews)

And i can tell you :

It's GOOD stuff !!!!!!!!

And offcourse everybody whants the best temps, like me to, so i will use always the best paste, when there's again a better one, i will use the best one."

Cool, I hadn't heard of Frostbite from EVGA, so I may have to check it out when I get around to redoing my setup. Right now I wouldn't even be able to tell a difference since my CPU won't let me overclock it based on the multiplier and my motherboard won't support a higher bus clock. If you really wanted to go bonkers though, from every single review that I've seen of it, Indigo Xtreme is definitely the way to go. I just can't figure out how to install the stuff, so I'm not going to plunk down $17 until they can assure me that the little plastic application panel can be removed after the burn-in period.

Frostbite isnt good compared to what should be Included (i hope) with the Xigmatek cooler

Check these tests out 


and This roundup 



Frostbite is about as good as some Aftermarket rosewill stuff or Mustard, Butter and Lipstick are trailing it by a few degrees though ;)

On the other Hand the Xigmatek pastes are some of the best in that Roundup.


LOL, as the guy said, some reviews rate it really high, some rate it really low...


I think some fudged it up tbh.... works great here, and works better than the Noctua stuff i had before.

SkineeLabs and Hardware secrets are extremely thorough and professional, i doubt anyone screwed up, id take them over what some guy said in some forum rant any day. 

Thats not to say its the worst paste, i mean its better than nothing, but i certainly doesent contend with some of the higher end pastes.

Promilatech PK-1 or an Indigo Xtreme would out-perform it. For $10, getting some PK-1 isn't going to break the bank, and it is the highest performing paste on the market.



One review from a site comparing only 2 Compounds, definitley not a great way to get a basis of how good it actually is.

Ok, i will let you have it then, i am a full on liar and so is the other person...


Good day..

Never even came close to calling you a liar, just provided facts and thorough reviews providing insight into how well Frostbite performs.


Yup, you have numbers on a graph, i have EVGA Frostbite, so does another user on a forum, and a good review pops up for it...