Xiaomi Note 10 Pro first impressions

As of 4th of January I am a proud owner of this particular phone.

I am not really a phone guy, so whatever impressions I share will be comparative to my previous Nokia 3.2.

The screen and therefore the phone itself are larger. Almost uncomfortably large. 6.6in are a bit too large. 6 should be perfect. I would forget for the next time, but still…
I have crippled it to 60hz in favour of battery life and boy is it good. It’s day 3 and I still haven’t charged it. I’m still using whatever it had in its battery from the store. That was showing 55%. I am happy to see this battery life potential.
What I want to try, and will update the thread later on is, what is the difference between 60hz and 120hz when it comes to feel, not just battery life.

My guess is the 6gigs of ram are doing their job, cause the old Nokia with 3 GIGs of ram was constantly glitching and slowing down and crashing and causing issues.
This one have not skipped a beat. Massively faster and insanely smoother…

I am yet to test the camera, but I will later on. Honestly the camera is not a factor at all for me.

What is a huge factor for me is sound quality, and I am happy to report, that music just sounds better, even with the stock Xiaomi player app.
It reads all my files, all folders, all songs, everything. It’s great.
I have a tiny issue with it, that it isn’t reading the songs order, but it does play them in proper order. I am not sure what is going on…

I am yet to install some games or whatever since the Nokia didn’t allow me anything, but so far I am super happy with this piece of tech. 230€ flat and it’s all mine…

Now to answer some questions:
Yes, it’s full of bloatware I had to uninstall.
No, I don’t care about certain stuff to install extra OS or whatever extra software, so don’t ask about that.
Yes, it’s full of Xiaomi apps, and yes, I have uninstalled them all.
Yes, it have the awful extruding camera.
Yes, it have the 3,5" Audio Jack and I love it for it.
No, my wallpaper is brushed alumin(i)um, not a sexy squirrel.


You may have uninstalled all the apps you can see but you still need to ask yourself… How much do you really trust China? Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei/Honor all have great hardware but I’m terrified to trust them with my personal and financial information. Xiaomi and Huawei both have close ties to the Communist Party. And in mainland China they come preinstalled with monitoring software.

Not trying to discourage you or say it wasn’t a good purchase. Just wanted to give you another perspective.

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This is so off topic that it’s not even funny, but do you trust Google, Amazon and Apple with your personal data?
Cause trust me, there is absolutely no difference.
The only difference between communist China and capitalist US is that China isn’t hiding. They are openly spying, while US is secretly spying.
It’s the same exact shit.

I will say it again, I have a Google account, PayPal, YouTube, Facebook, soon Instagram.
Everyone already have my personal data.

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From a security perspective, I do trust they aren’t being grossly incompetent in how they handle my personal data. But, no I do not trust any of these companies not to find a way of monetizing my data for the purpose of increasing quarterly shareholder profits. They are all slimy, horrible corporations.

But what I do expect from large US corporations is that they abide by their privacy and data sharing policies. And the threat of class action lawsuits and fines by the FTC help to keep them in check. So I look at them as the lesser of evils.

You are wrong to do that.
Large super reach corporations are not abiding by any laws. Take Unisoft for example. There are accusations of daily sexual harassment and rape, and nothing is being done…

May we talk about the stupid phone? I am already depressed enough. We moved away from the topic…

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Sorry for hijacking your thread. Moving on to happy thoughts like phones and scotch :laughing:

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jeez man, when you gonna stop being poor and get a phone with… oh, wait, that actually looks real decent…

what you got against daisy chaining dongles all day, and needing a hipster bag for all the dongles, huh?
actually, jack sounds cool. I like wired headsets.

you quit already?

good thinking.

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I got the 6 gigs of ram Version…

Nah, my phone wallpaper and my PC wallpaper are the same…

Finally. Some recognition…

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Surprised you could do that, on my Oneplus phone there are a few apps i can’t uninstall, I can only “disable” them.

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Honestly, so was I…
I fully expected them to be baked in. But they are not…