Xiaomi mi 5 Vs OnePlus 2

They're both about the same price over here in 'Straya
Which would you suggest I go for.
Sadly neither are pink. I really wanted a nice pink phone

the mi 5 looks like its superior performance wise, but if you take a lot of pictures the laser autofocus on the oneplus 2 might come in handy

why not wait for a week until the one plus 3 is out?

Apparently (if you look at the rumers) it has 6GB of ram and is around the same price point.
I'm waiting for it, broke my phone a while ago and don't like the look of what is out there but my OnePlus one was awesome while it lasted so I'm confident that they'll make a good phone. :)

Didn't realize it was coming out so early
I thought it was gonna be late 2016
and I kinda need a new phone (At this point it can only text and has a 3 hour idle battery life)
but if it's that close JFC
EDIT: It's rumored to be announced soon but wont be announced for a few months after.

If i remember correctly their CEO said that it (one plus 3) would be released by the end of Q2 so theres not a lot of time left for it to come out :)

May-July is the estimated launch window

I personally just ordered a mi5 pro, I'll tell you how I like it. There's actually a pink mi5 (though I don't know if it's out yet) but it's only available in 32gb (non-expandable)

I know

Another thing to consider with One Plus phones availability. Yes, it may be announced soon, but you may not be able to get your hands on one for a while unless they finally work out a good production model. OP being in Australia may make that more difficult too.

But yeah, getting phones down here for something that isn't 900x the US price is hard.