XFX9800 512Black Edition or XFX9800 GX2 1GB

i wanna get a new graphics card, i was thinking about the xfx 9800 gtx 512mb black edition and the xfx 9800 gx2 1GB...by the looks of the black edition seems faster but i'm not sure if i should be looking at the core clock, memory clock, shader clock, stream processors or just the amount of ram it has...which is the better buy for hard core gaming???

gx2 is faster has 2 gpus in 1 hard then the gtx it self.

also go with EVGA trust me you wont be sorry :)

Well why you dont consider the 4870, its extreme, or wait the 4870x2, that will be faster than the gtx280, if you want an nvidia gpu, you will use a sli mobo, and if you want a sli, get the 9800gtx, if its a single slot mobo, go for the 9800gx2.

Well i hope help you a litle.


lol saert.

he can use any mobo for a Nvidia GPU but most wont support SLI unless it says it.

and he didnt say about sli'ing so any mobo will due if you read the specs and it lines up.

a GX2 = 2 gpu cores will work on a crossfire mobo but 2 GX2's wont as you will need a SLI mobo.

its werid i know but yea...

also the X2 ATI gpu wont beat the gtx 280 by much fps so GTX 280 is still a good gpu to get. 2 gtx 280s will totaly kill any ATI gpu and i know you read your reviews but they didnt install PHYSIX in there gtx 280.

the 9800 gx2 has two 9800 gtx's in one card, so that should prove the difference

do u have a sli mobo man? if you dont and are just getting one card you seriously should consider the 4870. if you get a 9800gtx (which is a good choice if u have a sli board) make sure its the 9800gtx+ also the 260 good choice if u have an sli board since it is like 300 and with an oc it can perform about the same as a 280 and outperform the 4870.

if u dont have an sli board the gtx280, the 4870, or the gx2 will get u the best performance, with the 280 and 4870 doing a lot better than the gx2 in games that dont support multiple gpu's.

if i were only able to get 1 gpu id get this one


if i had a sli board id probably get the 260 and overclock it, then get another later.

i already have 2 9800gtx's so id want more than them, but the 9800gtx+ is a good card for 200 dollars (overclocks well too).

as for what Ace Attorney said, the 9800gx2 does not perform as well as 2 9800gtx's. its more like 2 8800gt's slapped on one card.

i have an msi p35 neo2 mobo

what are your other specs

yeah, spite is right, the 9800gx2 is 2 8800gt's on one card, now, even though the 8800gt is good, its not very extreme and in a game that does not support sli it will be bad. because you have a mobo that CAN crossfire, i would get 1 4870 and then crossfire that with another 4870 down the road. or, if you just want one card, i would get a gtx 260 or 280, cause they pwn, but are pretty damn expensive

ace, sorry i just caught you, but the 9800gx2 is more like 2 8800gt's in sli. Only 8800gt sli outperforms it by a tad bit.

an e8400 3.0ghz, 4gb corsair ddr2 800,500gb hdd x2, and a 8800gts 320mb

why would 8800gt in sli out proforum a 9800gx2 lol

i belive a http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010380048+106791921+1067924922&name=GeForce+8800+GTS

these in sli will beat 1 9800 gx2.

this is were you go to sites and see the framrates of the 2 and compair it.

Ill tell you what to do.

1. go to google.

2. type in your card.

3. see whats the fps of that card.

4. go to google.

5. type in the othor card.

6. get that cards fps.

7. compar the cards fps.

8. buy the card that has more fps.

actually gek google some benchies, surprisingly 2 8800gt's do outperform a 9800gx2, though the gx2 costs more as you're paying for convenience. When it launched i was like "wtf... its not worth anywhere near that much if i can grab another 8800 and outperform it..."

the 9800 gx2 is like two 8800gts 512 mb cards stuck together then underclocked like 50 mhz on the core clock and like 125mhz on the shaderclock. which i think might be why it performs like 2 8800gt's in sli.. not quite sure though.

i was wrong when i said its like 2 8800gt's on one card because architecturally its like the gts, but it performs like 2 8800gt's is what i was meaning.

as to why its worth more that two gt's, its because its more convenient and because its still upgradeable.

can my mobo take two 9800 gx2's in sli???...the manual says crossfire ready, not sli ready...will it work either way?

no you can not because it does nto have an nforce sli chip

Dude if your mobo is crossfire ready the best choice for you its get a ATI card (4850 or 4870 depending how munch you want to spend), so later you have the posibility to get anoter one to crossfire them.